Butterfly Footprints

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By Guest Blogger Tracey, from the blog We Made That.

This fun craft makes a great keepsake for you and your kids and it is also a great gift for a grandparent. After making these with my girls I wrote the date on the back and framed them then hung them up in there rooms. We also made another set for grandma.



Start by setting up your butterfly station, put your table cloth down (if using). Lay your cardstock down ready for footprints, and put paint and brushes out.

No matter if you are doing the painting or the child is, just sit down and start painting some feet. No need for a pattern, just use different colors and make sure the whole foot and toes are covered in paint (NOTE: if making more than one print make sure there is a LOT of paint on feet so you can get multiple prints). Once foot is painted place on cardstock. You want the feet to be facing out so that the big toes are to the edge of the paper. Leave just enough room between footprints to make your butterflies body.

After your footprints dry, use some paint and a brush to make your butterflies body.


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