Simple Kid’s Craft Project

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By Craft Celebrity Mark Montano, from the blog Mark Montano’s Big Ass Blog.

Summer is quickly approaching and it’s time to get some projects together so that the kiddos don’t spend 3 months in front of the television or on a computer! Did you know that creativity helps kids develop problem solving skills? Just sayin’!

These Zip Tie Link Bracelets are a fun, easy project that everyone can enjoy and make their own. Add beads, use more than one link. Go nuts.

You’ll Need:

Here’s How:

1. Make your first link in a size you like. This will determine the size you cut your other zip ties.

2.    Cut your zip ties to size (ooh, that rhymes)!
3.    Slip the end of the zip tie through a finished link and keep it going until you have enough to fit around your wrist.
4.    Add a jump ring to one end.

 5. Add a jump ring with the lobster claw to the other end so you can close it.

 This and over 150 more projects in THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS 2!
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