Welcome Gnome Wreath

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

May brings summer and summer brings gardens and what is better in a garden than a gnome?!?! Welcome the gnomes home with this cute moss covered wreath.  An easy project  for the kids to do!




Red Paint 
White Paint

This is a very simple project, it takes a lot of glue and some patience to wait for it to dry. I used the green wreath so if the little ones do not cover the whole piece with moss it will not show as bad as if you would have used a white one.

First, start on the edge and lay a line of glue down and stick the moss to the wreath.  Work the whole way around, then start another line of glue working toward the center. It took 3 good lines of glue to cover the wreath.

While the glue is drying, string the wooden beads onto 2 pieces of leather.

Then paint the wooden candle cup white and the wooden bowl or cap red. These 2 items will make the mushroom. Once the paint is dry glue the two items together with the bowl upside down to make the rounded top of the mushroom.  Then dot white paint on the red to decorate the mushroom.

After the glue on the wreath is dry, attach the letter strings. I used pins to tack them tight, glue would work too. Then glue the mushroom on.

This is very simply decorated, but mini silk flowers could be added as well.

Welcome visitors home and gnomes to your garden for a prosperous growing season.


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