Upcycle T-shirt Hoop Art

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

Kids are just like us, they have that one piece of clothing that they love, the only problem is they grow so fast, it doesn’t fit them anymore. I have several boxes of clothes to be saved for my daughter in hopes that one day she has a little girl, then she can share her faves with her tiny one. Let’s face it, for the most part, in 20 years are they still going to love Elmo? Probably not, there will be something or someone more popular. Most of these clothes will be out dated. Let’s make cute memory pieces now for our kids, so they can continue to love their favorite shirts.

The one shirt used today is a too small tee that my daughter picked out at one of our first shopping sprees.  A favorite of hers and a great memory of mine. The second shirt is one that has holes in the shoulders and a terrible stain on the back, plus yucky arm pits.

This project uses the favorite print from the t-shirt to make adorable wall hangings.


Embroidery Hoop (large enough to fit your image)
White cardstock



To start, I traced the inside of the inside hoop onto the cardstock. I cut the circle out and put it aside for later.

Next, I laid the shirt out flat on the table. I slid the inside hoop into the bottom of the shirt and centered the image I wanted to frame, then I place the outside hoop down around the inside hoop, on the top of the tee, framing the image. For the case of the Pirate Ship, I used 2 hoops. The larger one I placed first, then to frame the Black Flag, I used a smaller hoop. I made the fabric taut by pulling the edges of the tee while the hoops were set but not tightened. Once both hoops were set, I tightened the screws.

cut around the hoops leaving an edge that can be wrapped around the frame, a little more than a half inch, were I could. The section where the two hoops almost touched I cut down the center giving each hoop an equal amount.

Once the material is cut, place glue around the inside of the hoop on the back and fold the material around, press the cardstock into the back to cover up the ragged edge of the glued material. Let the glue dry.

If the hoop is to be hung, use the ribbon to make a bow or hanger. Or it can be hung just by the screw.

Additional Ideas:

The one t-shirt, I cross stitched my daughters name and then glittered it.

Before glueing the edges and the cardstock back on, the date coule be embroidered on.

This is a perfect way to let the great prints of baby and toddler clothes live on with new life.


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