National Craft Month Drawing Winner!!

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March was National Craft Month! We celebrated by awarding one lucky crafter a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree! Each entry shared their favorite craft tip.

Lynn C. from Catlin, IL!

Lynn’s craft tip was:

“I keep a package of the large round toothpicks on my craft table. I use them to move small pieces of paper, to punch some holes, unclog my liquid glue and for painting very small areas”.

Read more craft tips from fellow crafters:

“As an avid crafter I find it imperative to stay organized! I use see-through containers, of all sizes, to store my treasures, from seed beads to yarn. This way, everything is always readily accessible and available for my creative mood swings!”
Beverly M. from Englewood, CO

“Have fun with whatever you’re doing. Try not to get stressed out. Sometimes it’s the mistakes that end up being the best thing about a project!”
Moriah M. from Lakeland, FL

“I take stickers and place them on cardstock then cut them out and place glue dots on the back. This makes your sticker 3 D and adds more creativeness to your scrapbook page.”
Geri T. from Kirksey, KY

“My favorite craft tip is to store my ink pads upside down. It keeps them from drying out to quickly.”
Kelly H. from Bossier City, LA

“At least once a year I have a week that I use to do nothing but finish projects that I have started the previous year. Then I donate them to charity/fundraiser/raffles for my grandchildren’s school. It is a win-win for everyone and makes my husband very happy that the clutter of unfinished projects has been diminished….at least for a little while.”
Susan H. from Big Bend, WI.


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