Wet Felted Wool Eggs

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

If real eggs are not your speed for the upcoming spring hunts, and plastic eggs are just a little too synthetic give this alternative a try. This makes a nice hollow egg shape that can be filled with treats.


Wool Roving
Plastic Eggs


Embroidery Floss

Start by taping the plastic egg together. (I suggest this because when I had my little one help, she rolled the egg too hard and the two pieces came apart inside the half felted wool mess.)  In a large bowl place a good squirt of liquid dish soap and the hottest water your hands can take. Because we are felting around a form, I make the wool tuffs wet in the water and lay a layer on the plastic egg, covering the whole thing. Then with damp wool pieces build onto the egg. Once the egg is covered and there is no plastic showing, start rolling the egg in your hands.  Drip more water on, roll, more water, roll, you get the idea. Roll until the wool is firm. When you’re ready, rinse the egg until the soapy water runs clear. Set the egg aside to dry.

Once the egg is dry there are a couple of things that can be done. The felted egg can be left as is for decoration. The felt can be cut with scissors, a little cut just to get the egg out can then be hand sewn shut with beans or rice inside to make an egg shaped ball. It can also be cut wide open and used just like a plastic egg to fill with treats. One suggestion for the treat filled eggs is to run a blanket stitch around the opening to create a finished edge. Also a small button or hook and eye could be used to close the egg.

However you finish them, just enjoy the wonderful textile of wool!



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