Reminder Bracelets

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By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog Geek with Glasses.

The mornings are crazy, everyone rushing around to get ready for the day.  These bracelets can help the kids remember things without mom nagging. A simple reminder on their wrist will help them bring the stinky bag of gym clothes home or return the library books before they are overdue.  The  new season brings new sports, it might be hard for the kids to remember when practice is. Also, a way to help with a change in schedule, like “Don’t ride the bus” because mom is picking the kids up after school.



To start this project, pick the message the bracelet will have. Choose the letter beads and decorator beads. Next measure around the wrist of the child with the stretchy string, do not stretch it while measuring. Cut the piece just a little longer than needed. String the beads on making sure there is enough decorator beads to go all the way around the child’s wrist. I finish by tying the 2 ends together with a square knot, right over left, left over right. The first part of the knot – right over left – is where I pull the string just enough to stretch it a little. When done the bracelet should have to stretch a little to get over the child’s hand then be snug at the wrist. Trim the excess string off.

The goal for these bracelets are to not fall off while playing at recess, if that happens then the remembering part is gone as well as the bracelet.

A great project for the kids to help with over spring break. The end of the year is coming and all thoughts go to summer not schoolwork. An added bonus if you use really colorful beads others might notice the bracelet and ask about it, making it more effective, because the child will explain and remember, score!



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