Make Your Own Foam Shape Stamps

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By General Crafts Contributor Mina, from the blog Mina’s Journal.

Stamps are great for motifs or words that you use often in your crafting projects. They all don’t have to be store bought. Your own customized foam stamps are easy to make. Start making your own stamp stash with this easy project. Use up your left over foam shapes. These really work and are re-useable.

Craft Materials

A good idea would be to make stamps of the child’s name and other family members names or for words that you will use often. Words that come to mind for this are ‘Joy, Love, Happiness, Cute’.

Making the Stamps

Sort out the shapes you want to make stamps from.

When making words turn the letters upside down and placing the letters from right to left and glue them onto some kind of base to make a mirror image.

I used a a polystyrene food tray for this. Find out more about foam meat trays.

Cut around the shapes or words to make individual stamps.

Using the Stamps

Apply paint to stamp with pieces of kitchen sponge for quick, even coverage.

Cleaning the Stamps

Rinse under cold water and dab them dry, or just let them drip dry.

Further customization

Make your own shapes with stencil templates and foam sheets.

Find an image, silhouette you like and trace shapes with an old used-up ballpoint pen

Foam craft sheets are great for making your own shapes with. They are easy to cut with scissors. There are plenty free printables for shapes and outlines. Here’s a sheet of basic outlines to begin your own stamp stash collection with.

Download Foam Stamp Shapes Template

A heart, star, hand, bird, arrow, sun and moon. Finding other shapes is easy. Do an online search for silhouettes, shapes, outlines and stencils. You may need to resize them according to your needs.

Have fun with these… Happy Crafting!


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