Stocking Table Decoration

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By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

My mom was the genius behind this. (Thanks, mom!) I love these stocking silverware holders, especially because they can be decorated nicely for an adult crowd or fun for a kid crowd. I used fleece to make this one, but I think making them out of linen would be a nice formal touch. Also, for a more formal version, you could use white napkins inside the stocking instead of sewing in the white fleece. So many ideas…so little time.

You need:

1. Trace stocking pattern onto your red fabric, placing the straight side on the fold. I used this little green stocking for my pattern!

2. Cut stocking out.

3. Using the measurement for the width of the stocking, cut a rectangle from your white fabric that measures width x 3″.

4. Open red stocking and place white piece on the left inside of stocking. Sew directly into the stocking, close to the edge.

5. With right sides facing, sew curved side of stocking. Flip right side out.

6. Decorate with ribbons, bells, or other festive things! Insert silverware & you’re done!

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2 thoughts on “Stocking Table Decoration

  1. Peter

    Your Mom really is a genius. These stocking table decorations are so cute and adorable. I was thinking that quilted stockings with appliqued favorite Christmas characters or emblems would be great to individualize settings at a family meal.

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