Rolled Paper Tree Decoration

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By DCWV Diary

For today’s project, I used a Christmas Stack. If you love a traditional paper stack, you will LOVE this! And the paper in this stack works great with this project because the thinner paper is really easy to roll.

This is what I created on my Sunday afternoon at home. I love how it turned out and it looks perfect on my kitchen table!

I painted a scrap piece of wood and created my tree on that. But you could easily do this on a canvas or even a piece of cardstock that you frame and keep the glass out.

To create on wood: Paint your scrap wood & apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over it. Let it dry. Add your tree trunk paper piece and apply another thin layer of Mod Podge. Sprinkle a little glitter while Mod Podge is still wet. Let dry. Start rolled paper pieces.

HINT* I used Mod Podge Hard Coat which I love! It doesn’t leave any kind of sticky residue feeling afterwards. I have never been a Mod Podge Expert but I am always getting better, practice makes perfect.

I rolled pieces of paper around a pencil, hot glued the ends and slipped the pencil out. I went down in lengths every 1/2 inch to make the tree shape. My smallest piece is 1/2 inch wide and my widest is 10 1/2 inches. I hot glued the rolls to the wood. Added some buttons, ribbon and a cute bird that I hand cut out. I love how it turned out and it will for sure come out every holiday at my house!

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