4 Days to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table – Wine Glass Charm

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By Sewing Contributor Jessica, from the blog Life Sew Good. 

Day 1: The Wine Glass Charm

Let’s be honest: we love crafting. Finding the time to do it all is a challenge. My goal was to create a few simple pieces that would work together to make a cohesive, warm & cozy Thanksgiving table. If you have an hour a day for four days, you should be able to complete them all!

You’ll need:

Cut “football shaped” leaves out of felt. (I just made my own by “eyeing” it. You can also google “Leaf Templates” and there are plenty of options you can print!) You’ll need 2 for each wine charm, so if you want to make 8, then you need 16 leaves. Also, another project will use the leaves, so cut more if you have time!

Cut 6″ pieces of hemp cord, 1 for each glass.

Put 2 leaves together, one over lapping the other. Using your threaded needle, hand stitch the hemp cord onto the back of the leaves. Basically, you only need to make a tight loop around it, and put your need through it a couple of times. This should hold it steady.

Repeat for as many glasses as you will need.

Project #1: Complete!

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