10th Anniversary Daily Gift Card Giveaway

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CreateForLess is turning 10 years old and we’re giving you the presents! To celebrate our 10th year in business, we’re giving away 10, $10 gift cards every day, all month! Visit Think Crafts every day and enter for a chance to win! All you have to do to enter is comment with the “Word of the Day” below.

“Crochet Hook”

To enter to win, write a comment with the word of the day in the comment box. Limited to one entry per person per day. Winners will be contacted via email every Friday in August, and receive a $10 CreateForLess e-gift certificate. The giveaways end August 31, 2011.

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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56 thoughts on “10th Anniversary Daily Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Cat

    Isn’t it amazing that a simple metal rod with a wee hook at the end can produce such beautiful and functional items; and in the process, be so much fun to use. Crafting tools don’t get any simpler than the noble crochet hook.

  2. Carol

    Among my many projects this summer is sorting through all things paper, hoping to pare it down to a decent amount. Yesterday I found a crochet hook at the bottom of a box. Hmm, wonder what it’s doing in a box owned by a knitter?

  3. Faith K

    I truly want to learn how to use a crochet hook. I bet CreateForLess has a book that would teach me how.

  4. Noreen

    Do you have any idea how many ways you can use a crochet hook? I was using a plastic crochet hook once when it snapped into 3 pieces while I was crocheting! Since then I have only used aluminum crochet hooks.

  5. Leanne Clare

    It was my grandma that first taught me how to use a crochet hook…way back in the early ’60’s! Still crocheting!

  6. Denise Helton

    “Crochet Hook”…dang makes me miss Mom even more, if she was home and wasn’t busy cooking or cleaning she always had one in her hand, that or a set of knitting needles. She did the most gorgeous work I have seen to date. Thanks for helping me revive some great memories with this word of the day!

  7. Anne

    I use crochet hooks all the time! I have been making blankets, booties and other projects with crochet hooks for about 34 years now. I love to crochet! My mom, taught me how and that was a chore! She was right handed and I am left handed, but we got through it!

  8. Kayla

    I’ve only recently started to crochet and I’m not very fast but I enjoy making little crochet flowers for my cards and scrapbooks.

  9. Barb Douyard

    Crochet Hooks Rock! I love getting them in different colors and either plastic, metal, bone. I have several antique ones. Love to “feel” the history of the hook while I’m making something new.

  10. Karna R.

    My friend Christina and I have the book mobile librarian saving us the next issues of a wonderful crochet magazine every other week. We hope this will continue to inspire us to get our crochet hooks out and start using them…

  11. Kitten With A Whiplash

    A “Crochet Hook” is one of my favorite Knitting tools. They’re great for picking up dropped stitches, and also make handy cable needles. The hook helps keep stitches from sliding off while you knit them off the other end. I occasionally try something as unusual as using a “Crochet Hook” for crocheting as well.

  12. Sherrie

    A Crochet Hook isn’t part of my everyday tools. I tried it – but it worked better as something to pull snags through.

    Someday I am going to learn to crochet!!!

  13. Wendy J Mecca

    My grandkids love to watch me crochet. When they’re visiting, they each get their own ball of yarn and a Crochet Hook.

  14. Bonnie Swift

    Hand over the crochet hook and no one gets hurt! I have crochet hooks all over the house, in the car, under the porch (that size H that fell thru the boards!), in every tote/project bag and most anytime you can find one holding up my hair! I’m hooked on Crochet Hooks! =)

  15. Madeline Kinnamon

    When I quit smoking, I taught myself how to crochet. Whenever I wanted a cigarette, I picked up a crochet hook instead and got after it!! Lots of folk got afghans that year for Christmas, LOL!

  16. Jenny

    I love crochet! My mom taught me a little over a decade ago. Since then, I’ve collected a handful of hooks in all different sizes. My favorite crochet hook is still the powder blue Susan Bates size J that she gave me when she finished teaching me how to crochet 🙂

  17. Amy Prunty

    I have bee crocheting for about 5 years now, and find I most often use my G crochet hook. If I win a certificate, I can boy other size hooks!

  18. Ann Schmitz

    I started using a crochet hook when my grandmother taught me when I was in 5th grade. Since then I have used many crochet hooks to make blankets, pot holders, bookmarks… I could go on forever.

  19. Noreen

    The first time I used a crochet hook I was in 4H and I made a pink bunny to attach to a barrette

  20. Crafty Faery

    So glad my Nana introduced me to the crochet hook when I was young and she always made us such fun stuff with hers!

  21. Monica

    Every time I go looking for a crochet hook, I can never find that particular size, though I swear I had a full set once upon a time!

  22. Elizabeth W

    I wish I knew how to crochet so that I could use my “crochet hook” sitting in my closet.

  23. virginia

    I have a #7 crochet hook sitting at my desk. I use it for everything. It is over a foot long. I have used it as a back scratcher, retriever when I dropped something, play with the cats with it but I don’t think I have ever used thisone to crochet.

  24. Lucy

    I still have my crochet hook from when I use to crochet. I made many afghans! Still have them 🙂

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