Book Page Candle Holder

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By Paper Crafts Contributor, Lauren Romano.

As much as I love candles, I can never find a candle holder I like. I purchased a clear square one, but it just looked plain sitting on top of my table. The pages I saved from a broken book seemed like they would look beautiful while illuminated with light, so I thought the two would fit perfectly together. It takes a small amount of time to make, but it gave me exactly the type of candle holder I was looking for.

What you need:

Step 1. Trim the edges of the book pages so only the block of words remain. The number of pages you’ll need depends on the amount of words on each page and the size of the candle holder. Cut the pages into thin strips, then cut them into thirds.

Step 2. Remove any price stickers from the candle holder, wash it thoroughly, then let it dry.

Step 3. Put a layer of Mod Podge on the sides of the candle holder, then start placing down the paper strips. Overlap some of the pieces to create a textured look, but try to keep the layers as thin as possible so the light shines through. As you overlap the strips, put Mod Podge in between the pieces so they don’t bubble. Don’t worry if some stick out over the edge, you can trim them later.

Step 4. After you have the sides of the candle holder covered with the strips, apply a layer of Mod Podge over them. Use your finger to apply it so you can flatten out the pieces as you go along.

Step 5. When you’re finished with the sides, flip the candle holder over and use the Mod Podge to apply strips to the bottom, then put another layer on top to seal them on.

Step 6. Leave the candle holder upside down, let it dry thoroughly, then trim the excess strips on the edges. If there’s any rough edges, use your finger to apply Mod Podge to smooth them out, then let it dry before using.

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