Free Stuff Friday!!

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In honor of National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow, we are giving away a DCWV paper crafts pack! Enter to win the Hippie Chic Paper Stack, The Dots, Stripes & Plaid Paper Stack and The Colorful Like box of cards.

DieCuts Printed Paper Stacks are pads of paper that are filled with words, captions or designs for all kinds of occasions. They are great to use for creating unique one-of-a-kind cards, scrapbooks, memory albums, altered books and other crafts. They are acid-free and lignin-free. The Hippie Chic Pad contains 72 total sheets, 3 each of 24 designs. Half of the designs have glossy glitter accents. The Dots, Stripes & Plaid Stack contains 48 sheets, 2 each of 24 styles, half of the styles with glitter accents. DieCuts Box of Cards are fun, bright and usable cards that are perfect for every occasion. Includes 4 each of 10 different abstract art designs for the cards and 40 White envelopes.

Every Friday we’ll post a giveaway on Think Crafts and all you have to do is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winner and contact them via email. Deadline is midnight tonight and the winner will be announced Monday. One entry per person please.

Question of week: Do you have a process or method when picking out your scrapbook paper and embellishment for your layouts?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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63 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Kim McM

    I don’t know if you can call it a process or method, but what I do is look through all of my paper until I find something that fits the theme or mood I have in mind. What other way is there?

  2. Debbie

    Sometimes I work in reverse–that is, I browse through my stash until something inspires me and work from there!

  3. Chris S

    I do my best to match, and not over-do it. Granted, that’s more of a strategy than a method, eh?

  4. Marissa M.

    I figure out what I want to play with for the day and then go from there! 🙂

  5. Christine P

    I haven’t really started to scrapbook, but once in a while I go into the scrap book section to buy the specialty paper for other craft projects.

  6. Laney Porter

    I pick designs and notions that match the colors in the photos, events, etc. so that the entire layout is cohesive. My husband loves to make fun of how anal I am about everything matching!

  7. Kelly Massman

    I like to have things go together, but I definitely choose whatever I’m feeling at the moment or whatever the photos are trying to tell me! Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. Staci Jones

    I always choose the pictures first and then look at all my papers and embellishments to see what compliments the pictures the best.

  9. Clare Marie Tellier-Washburn

    My process, is to try to make the papers and embellishemnts match with the colors in the photos. I try to pull out the colors from the photos. Many times I find I have the layout idea in my head already and take the pictures for the idea, then follow through picking the color scheme to match my layout.

  10. Holly Wright

    I don’t really have a method. I use whatever catches my eye. I normally figure it out right where it matches some how lol.

  11. Erin

    I usually have an idea of the mood I want in my piece and I work with that. Sometimes it’s more color than design, other times I want texture and depth. I tend to gravitate toward texture a lot, and like simple prints more often than real elaborate ones. The only exceptions are those that are edgy, like tatt designs or skull papers. If I find some of those, I work around the main graphic and match colors and textures for depth from the first graphic.

  12. Carol

    I don’t really have a process, I really just use what feels right to me and the subject!! I have fun no matter what it is!

  13. Jennifer E Lemke

    I let the pictures I’m using inspire me to choose the colors or layout of a scrapbook page. I love taking pictures and telling the picture’s story by scrapbooking.

  14. Jeanette Bancroft

    I look at embellishments and photos and then pick the right card from my stock – or I just BUY MORE!

  15. Maisie Janda

    I keep a theme in mind and follow through with it. I also try to stay true to a color scheme, because if you don’t it looks to busy.

  16. Kara Vasilakos

    I usually start with my pictures and then look through my paper and embellishment stash to find inspiration. I love finding paper that goes with pictures! Makes the page so much easier!

  17. Shirley Barker

    I kinda go by the pictures and look thru my papers and try to find some inspiration there! Try tocoordinate with the colors in the pictures.

  18. Barbara

    I first go thru what I already have and then match up from there. If I don’t have anything to start with I pick a color and try to match from that.

  19. Gina H.

    I start with paper first, either trying to match a color in the photographs (or not, depending on the look of the page I want). Embellishments depend on the theme of the page as well.

  20. Heather

    I usually go with theme first and if I have no paper or embellishments for that particualr theme I go off of the colors in pictures!!

  21. Ellie

    It’s usually just going with a gut reaction to color combos and what unexpectedly looks good together…I try to do stuff that is outside the box…

  22. DanielleMW

    For me, the pictures dictate everything. I usually make 2 page spreads, so I have to have 2 sheets of the same paper (Which not a problem. Really.) Then I pick a mat color that coordinates with the pictures and the background paper to frame out my pictures. Embellishments are added according to whim. 😉

  23. Christina P

    I don’t have a process or method. I just go to craft stores and look around and try to get ideas. Then I check through the clearance section and that’s how I pick my products. But I tend to simmer on ideas for quite some time, so I try hard not to pay full price.

  24. Steph B.

    No real method. If the bg pages are busy I use less embellies. I’m with Danielle, the pictures dictate the supplies most of the time. My “problem” is buying for the project without really going through my bag to see what I already have. My scrapbook stuff is not well organized.

  25. Kenne Gibbs

    Usually start with a color, then the pattern. Love the really “busy” papers.

  26. Joyce

    I do not have a method! Gathered a few things years ago, thinking about doing a cookbook for a granddaughter. I have handwritten recipes from a great and great great grandmother.

    Never had time to sit down and start. This would be a lovely beginning, I need to focus on something fun and rewarding. This would be a perfect incentive!!

  27. Carrie

    I don’t necessarily have a method, I just use what ever paper inspires me at that moment. I usually don’t match my paper to my photo colors, I kinda go with the flow!

  28. Ronda S

    I usually look at the colors in the photos and take into account the “mood” of the photo too. If it is a really fun event, I choose really ‘happy’ or ‘fun’ paper, if it is a more solemn event, I choose something more muted. Then, I pick the embellishments to coordinate.

  29. Jenny

    What fun papers 🙂

    I don’t really have a method or technique. I like to choose one fun, patterned paper as an accent, then look for solid colored papers and embellishments that match well.

  30. Garsy Thomas

    No real method to my madness. If it works with the photos and the message of my page and everything works together I’m good.

  31. Diane B

    When picking out scrapbook paper and embellishments I look for color, texture and theme. Usually I am making a particular Holiday project.

  32. Susie T

    I try to stick with colors that are complementary to the photos and then I usually go with theme after that.

  33. Anne Voss

    I randomly grab a bunch of goodies for embellishing and “audition” them on my background, moving, replacing, stacking until I get the look I want.If not “feelin it”, I grab another bunch, and add those into the mix. The downside is, I have a bunch of stuff to put away then! But, it does refresh my memory as to what I have!

  34. Tonya Muller

    I usually pick papers that say something me. Then I pick embellishments that compliment the papers.

  35. Noreen

    I first decide the theme, then colors, then choose papers that appeal to me. Sometimes I find that’s not working & start again totally from scratch.

  36. Kathy H

    I start by choosing the pictures, then a theme to suit them. Then I choose the paper and extras to make the page cohesive. I usually go a bit overboard with adding a “few” extras once the page is completed!

  37. judys

    I really just look through the stuff I have and pick out what ‘talks’ to me today! no reason that I can figure out…..then everything comes out to see what “fits”

  38. Pat Henshaw

    Depends on what I want the page to say. Will it be happy and care-free? Will it be reflective and slightly somber? Will it be a memorial to a family member? Each of these pages demands a different paper group to convey what I want the page to say. So I go by that mostly.

  39. Shirley Barker

    I usually look at the colors in the photos and then go through my paper to start with!

  40. Cynthia Hanna

    I don’t really have a method – it varies depending on my project. But, I prefer using colorful, texture or graphic dense papers because they can be used in multiple ways. Sometimes I look for the paper and embellishments first; sometimes I add them later depending on the theme or mood – or whatever strikes me.

  41. Billie Henson

    While I try to keep the colors and theme of the photo(s) in consideration, I also just go with my mood and sort thru my stash until I find something that strikes my fancy.

  42. jennifer keeley

    it depends on the pictures. sometimes i want a certian theme so i pick out paper/embellishments to go with that theme! and then on occasions i pick papers that i like just because i like them!! and i make jewelry,so sometimes i pick out embellishments that will work for jewelry too!

  43. Jean M.

    I look for colors and patterns that match the mood of the photos or the journaling text.

  44. Carol Douglass

    I try to use colors that bring out the colors in the photos. I am still evolving as a crapper, and usually have a few boo-boos, I call them embellishment opportunities!

  45. laurie

    There really is no rhyme or reason to what I do, I just try putting pieces together to see what looks good!

  46. Lola

    I’m new! but i usually start by picking the pics that i want to work with, then embellishments, then the papers!

  47. Cat

    I use scrapbook papers for card making. Usually I start with a focal point, then choose a color palette, then patterns to coordinate with the focal point, and embellishments to fit the theme. Then I spend about an hour or two tearing my hair out as I keep pulling out more and more and more stuff to see if any magic happens. It helps to have have a good stash handy, so my mantra is, “Gotta keep buying more stuff so I have a good stash….”

  48. Velma McComas

    Depends…sometimes, I already know what I want to do with the papers/embellishments and then have to find the pictures to go with it OR it’s the other way around. Usually it’s having to try to find the paper/embellishments to go with my pictures.

  49. Kathy

    I do either or – start out with paper and then pick the embellishments and theme or I look for paper/embellishments to match my colour or theme. Both work!

  50. Lisa from Montana

    First I look at what’s on the floor, then at all the piles on the desk, then at the piles on the kitchen table and I smile and go shopping for more!!!

  51. Lucy

    I pick out paper that I like and want to work with. Then I get my photos and go from there with embellies. Not really a method but it works for me 🙂

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