Put All your Eggs in One Basket

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By Guest Blogger Terri Gunderson, from the blog “Whats The Drone”.

 I discovered this technique quite accidental. I originally started out making paper eggs for some Easter Cards I was making. I liked the way the cards turned out, and had a thought to try this on some blown out eggs. This is the finished look I got. I really like how marbled and shiny they look. They were quite easy to make, and so much fun. So here is a quick tutorial so you can make your own.

Tools I used to make my beautiful eggs:

Start with blowing out your eggs.  I used a thumb tack and poked a hole in each side of the egg.  I had to make the hole in the bottom a little bigger in order to blow out the inside of the egg.  I also rinsed my eggs under running water to clean them.

To make your first dyed egg, start by picking 3- 4 colors of Adirondack Alcohol Ink.  Make sure one of the Inks are a Mixative. These come in many different colors, silver, gold, copper and bronze.   They will give you that marbled metallic look to the egg.

Using your Ranger stamp pad, randomly apply the colors your chose.

Gently apply to egg until completely covered.  Ink will dry fairly quick.   You can re-stamp the egg if you want a darker effect.

I used two different techniques for apply the embossing powder.   The first one I took a clean felt pad, and applied VersaMark ink to it and gently applied that to the egg in different places. Then I quickly poured the embossing powder over it. The 2nd method I used the Adirondack blending solution. I dropped a few drops of the liquid onto the egg, then quickly poured the embossing powder over that.

But be aware the blending solution, will dilute your color’s wherever you put it on the egg.  But It  also adds a wonderful blending touch that swirls the colors around.   Try it out on a few eggs.  I really like the effect I got.

I recommend using the metallic embossing powders.  They seemed to work the best for me.  But the glitter powders worked too.

Now take your heat tool and apply heat to your embossing powder.   Be very careful, the egg gets really hot. I used a candle holder to hold my egg up while I was using the heat tool.  It worked really good.

And here are some pictures of my finish eggs.  I just love them!

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