Chenille Stem Flowers In A Pot

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By Guest Blogger, Sue from the blog “Heart Jewelry”.

As a Mom I have always loved receiving home made gifts from my children and I know other Moms feel the same. Before doing my current heart jewelry blog, I owned and ran a Kindergarten and we used to do lots of different craft projects for the children to give as gifts to their Moms and Grandmas. One of my favorite pieces are these easy to make and inexpensive chenille stem flowers in a pot, which could make a great Mother’s Day gift in a few weeks. Fresh cut flowers are lovely to have but they don’t last very long, but this will last long after the event that they were given for is over. Although it needs some adult supervision, it is one of the least “messy projects” and is very quick to make.

Here’s what you need:

What to do:

1. Fold the colored pipe cleaners into flower shapes.

2. Take a green or brown pipe cleaner for the stem and wrap the top around the center of the flower.

3. Take another pipe cleaner the same color as the stem and wrap it around the stem to form leaves.

4. Glue a pom pom into the center of each flower.

5. Bend up about 2 ½ inches at the bottom of the stem and twist it round itself to make the bottom of the stem a little firmer.

6. Put a small amount of Easter grass or crumpled tissue paper into the bottom of the pot and arrange your flowers. Add more grass or crumpled tissue to support your flowers and fill your pot.

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