Great New Yarn Products!

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By Craft Trends Contributor, Trent Jaxon.

Hello again crafters! Let’s talk yarn! Knitting is one of my favorite activities. And ever since “The Great Yarn Comeback of 2001” knit, crochet and stitchery crafts have really kept pace with today’s fashions.

2011 will continue this great trend. Yarn manufacturers are getting more innovative than ever in bringing us products that look and feel great and make knitting a breeze.

Sugar N’ Cream yarn is the gold standard when it comes to 100% cotton. These yarns combine softness, durability and great colors that make them good for everything from baby clothes to pot holders and dish scrubbers. This year we have their new Scents line. This fun yarn is also a dose of aromatherapy for the crafter using it. As you work with the yarn a light fragrance is released. Sugar N’ Cream chose smells that are calming and relaxing. Sure to make even the worst dropped stitches stress free!

Red Heart, the leader in yarn crafts has come out with a plethora of new lines in the last year for all styles. Their new Boutique lines are my favorite. Boutique Swirls are wonderfully soft variegated yarns with just a touch of lash that create projects that feel great against your skin while still knitting up easily. Boutique Changes is a truly awesome product! This yarn combines acrylic, wool, alpaca and even metallic yarns to help you create projects that look great and of course trendy. The yarns transition perfectly so while your project looks like you have used 5 different yarns it has actually only been a single skein!

Besides these wonderful specialty yarns there are also some great new classic yarns. Sugar N’ Cream has some awesome new variegated colors as does Red Heart in both their Super Saver and Classic Lines. And for those kid and baby projects make you check out the Soft line and both the Pomp-a-Doodle and Spark-a-Doodle lines.

I hope you all have a (knit) and pearly week! Until next time crafters,

Keep it Trenty!

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