Wedding Dress Favors

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By Guest Blogger Terri Gunderson, from the blog “Whats The Drone”.

I recently made these adorable bridal shower favors for my daughters bridal shower. They were so much fun and easy to do. I filled them with Hershey kisses and used glue dots to close. Here is how you make them!

Start with the template.

I printed the template out on some very pretty pink cardstock. I needed about 50 for the party, so that’s what I printed.

Now using your craft sissors, cut out the template along the lines. To make the dots for the dress, I took black card stock and Ironed on some wonder under regular weight paper-backed fusible webbing . The cost is pretty reasonable. For this project it took less than a yard. I hope you enjoy this process. I started out gluing the dot’s, and found that to be very time consuming. So I tried the wonder under and it worked great.

Iron the wonder under directly onto the black cardstock. Fusible web side down. Make sure to Iron long enough for the fusible webbing to stick to the card stock. Follow the Wonder under instructions for fabric and you should not have any trouble. After you have ironed onto the cardstock, pull off the paper and you will have a shiny card stock that is now fusible.

Now using a round paper punch, punch out the dots using the fusible cardstock.

Lay out the dots on the template. Please note: the template should be turned onto the side that does not have the lines, so that when you fold it up, the lines are in the inside. (the picture shows it backwards). Once you have the dots lined up the way you like them, just take an iron and gently iron on the dots. It just takes a second, so don’t hold the iron on them too long.

I hot glued pearl beads and small rhinestones around the top of the dresses. I did this on both sides of the favor box.

To complete the box, fold on the lines and hot glue the tabs on the sides of the dress to each of the front and back. As I mentioned earlier, the lines should be on the inside and the dot’s on the outside of the box. This way you do not see any printed lines on your finished favor box.

To finish off the dress, I took some very pretty ribbon and tied them in to small bows. I hot glued a rhinestone to the middle of the bow, then hot glued the bow to the box.

I filled my favor boxes with hershey kisses and closed them off using glue dots.

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6 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Favors

  1. Laurence

    Beautiful! I really like that idea. I needed a wedding dress for a card I am making, but found your template instead. Will definitively try those. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Laura

    I see the comments are a bit older.i am hoping to have a reply. I am.looking for the template, is this something someone can send or can I purchase? Thank you

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