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Congratulations to Tammy Lichvar who was randomly selected as our Free Stuff Friday winner and the Armour Bottle & Jar Cutter! 

The Armour Bottle & Jar Cutter is the perfect way to put the fun back into recycling all those glass bottles and jars that seem to accumulate around the house, while transforming them into useful items such as hanging planters, terrariums, bowls, and candle holders.  This cutter features an exclusive floating head design that allows you to cut bottles and jars of various shapes and sizes. The prize kit contains: an adjustable Bottle Cutter, two cutting wheels, glass tapper, adjustment wedge, five glass sanding sheets for finishing the cut edges, and a twenty-four page, full color bottle cutting reference guide.

Tammy’s winning answer to “What is your favorite snack?” was…

“DOUBLE Stuffed Oreos! Not the wimpy single layered ones! I would even trade my Oreos for a a bottle cutting kit!”

FloraCraft Solar System Kit

By guest bloggers, the Peterson Family.

We got to try the FloraCraft Solar System Kit. This is a fun and educational project suitable for the whole family. This kit makes it easy for children and adults to work together, constructing a model of our solar system and learning scientific facts about the sun and planets in our solar system.Younger children may require more assistance while older kids may be able to complete the project without help.


FloraCraft Solar System at ThinkCrafts.com

FloraCraft Solar System at ThinkCrafts.com


Our family enjoyed working together to construct this model. The instructions were easy to follow and the pictures on the box provide added guidance. We discovered that it facilitates bonding, learning, and fun all at the same time.

We used toothpicks to hold the styrofoam while painting.

Labeling parts will help to stay organized.


Apply paint with brushes or dip into container filled with paint.

Parts are labelled and allowed to dry so final assembly will be easy and free of mistakes.

Here is what our children had to say about the project…

Melissa, age 11:

“I thought it was fun doing the solar system. It was hard at times. When we had to figure out which planet was which, we looked at the box to decide. It was fun to paint the planets. We used paint brushes and also dipped the planets in the paint to give a good coat. We looked up information about our solar system on the internet as we were building the model. We learned about the sun and the planets. I had a lot of fun.”

Erika, age 12:

“The solar system was pretty easy. We needed an adult to help for some parts, but most of it we did ourselves. It was fun to paint the planets and put together. It was a little difficult figuring out each planet but we did it. We were able to compare the styrofoam balls to the pictures on the box to tell which planets they were and what colors to paint them. We used a second coat of paint to cover all the white styrofoam. We also talked about the sizes of the planets and what the real planets are made of. It was fun.”

Before & After!

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