Basket Wall Art

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By Guest Blogger, Jamie from the blog C.R.A.F.T.

I needed wall art… for THIS room.

Baskets…  simple, delicate, C H E A P…perfect! 

This project cost about $17…I bought ALL 13 baskets at GoodWill and 4 cans of spray paint…everything else came from around the house…or junk drawer!!

materials: baskets, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, old greeting cards, keys, ribbon, buttons, old jewelry, paper cut outs, doilies, small picture frames, mod podge, double sided sticky foam tape, small nails, and basically anything you’ve been saving thinking “I could use this one day!”

First, prime your baskets with any primer spray paint…[while you’re at it, prime any objects that need a color change!]

Next, spray paint the baskets and items with your favorite color…[most likely need 2 coats] let coats dry.

I used:

Third, this is where it get s F U N and complicated all at once 🙂

Start creating your baskets with whatever floats your boat!

Here are some of our ideas…


Fourth, attach the paper insides to the baskets. You HAVE to use double sided foam tape…or at least that is what worked for me!

Fifth, decide how you want to hang your creations…

I don’t mind a few holes in the wall…so I don’t plan too much…I just start putting in nails…I knew I wanted a big one in the center! You could use sticky tack first, just so you can move them around on the wall and see what arrangement you like best…

What a simple solution for wall art!

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2 thoughts on “Basket Wall Art

  1. Gina H.

    Who would have thought ugly 70’s baskets could look so cool again?! What a great idea! Love the colors

  2. canvas wall art

    Brilliant post!Thanks for the share I get inspire with the design and creativity.I even thought that basket furniture will add style to look more decorative and functional.

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