DIY Business Cards

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By Guest Blogger, Jamie from the blog C.R.A.F.T.

I did a post about my first business card  prototype..
Now, you can make these little guys yourself 🙂

I needed them to attend my first blog conference… bloggy boot camp
The DIY business cards were a great conversation starter 🙂

There was only one big change due to helpful reader comments and e-mails [ THANK YOU!]  
BIG CHANGE: I added my url to the back of the card. I also made 100, and I discovered an easier way to get the handmade stitched effect without so much thread changing!
Materials: Personalized Stamp, cereal [any thin card board box] boxes, Martha Stewart adhesive pearls, sewing machine, printer, yard stick,  scissors, pencil



 Martha Stewart Crafts™ White Dimensional Pearl Stickers, large

 First: I cut out the card board rectangles…This was the most time consuming part!
Then, I used my personalized stamper to stamp each card.  

 [side note: BF and I went to dinner at a friend’s…and I asked her if I could have an empty cereal box! BF said I’m embarrassing, Oh well :)]
Next, I sewed one line of thread, attaching up to 25 cards at a time.

I sewed 3 different colors of thread for the top, but used white for the bobbin thread. In the end, I decided to just make one fancier stitch so I did not have to put each card through 3 times and change the thread! [See the top picture]

Then, I cut them into separate cards…

Now on to the back of the card. I printed out my url in 10 point font and cut it with my cute little paper cutter….


The last step: stick your adhesive pearls on!



I would love to see other DIY business card ideas!

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3 thoughts on “DIY Business Cards

  1. sophie

    what a great idea i love it im thinking of doing my own bussiness cards and i was going to order over the net but now ive seen your idea im not only going to save money but get creative too thankyou for the idea its fab xxx

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