Rock & Roll

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By Scrapbook & Paper Crafts Contributor Kim, from the Blog “Paper Hugs”.

Do you love experimenting with your stamps, how about your inks?  Have you ever tried the “rock and roll” technique before?  It’s an easy way to add interest to your stamps.

A stamped wreath in one color would have been just fine, but it’s even prettier with some darker green ink added to the outside edge, doncha think?

It’s best to choose inks that are close in color, monochromatic. Your inks will blend with eachother just a little, so be aware of that.  If you are afraid of messing up your inks, you can use blender pads or Q-tips to apply inks

Start with the lightest ink color.  Ink the entire stamp, but don’t press it onto paper…yet.

While your stamp is wet, tap the edge of the image with the second ink color (that is a shade darker than the base color) but wait…don’t press your stamp onto your paper, just yet.

Add a third ink color if you have one.  Just lightly tap the edges of the stamp image.  Keep the lightest color in the center of the image.  You are gently creating depth.

Naturally, I chose the image with the “rock and roll” sentiment on it.  You can use this technique for any image.  Imagine how beautiful flowers look with this fun technique?

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