Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Winners

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Thank you to all who voted for the winners of our Handmade Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook! We counted up the ‘Likes’ and it’s time to announce our winners!

1st Place Winner of $150 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Suzanne W.

“Edward Scissorshands- I found a pair of vinyl pants at a second hand store and made a vinyl shirt. I added silver studs to the shirt and wrapped studded belts and chains around the pants and shirt. I also added silver safety pins here and there to the shirt. I cut out foam board for the scissors and spray painted them. I hot glued them onto black knit gloves. I teased his hair and sprayed it with black hair paint. I put makeup on his face and added black boots to complete the outfit.”

2nd Place Winner of $100 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Alex W.

“A full sized, movie accurate Power Loader from Aliens I made mostly from foam boards and PVC pipe all hot glued together and spray painted.”

3rd Place Winner of $50 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Megan P.

“My daughter requested to be a turquoise owl this year (yes, she gets specific – a few years ago, it was cotton candy).  I made this costume big enough to fit over her heavy coat because trick-or-treating in the NW is always cold, cold, cold!  I used a woman’s small sized hooded sweatshirt and fashioned the “feathers” out of 3 shades of turquoise fleece. Also used was white for the chest feathers. I made the mask out of fleece scraps and elastic. She was the WARMEST child out there and probably the ONLY turquoise owl in the world for Halloween. We LOVE one of a kind costumes!”

We received many creative entries, here are some of our favorites!

“Mad Hatter – Hat created from cardboard, fabric, wire, spray paint, hot glue, sewing machine and thread. Pins created from skewers, spray paint, and beads. 10/6 card created with cardstock, marker, and distress inks. Thread belt created with thread spools, yarn and an old belt. Scarf created from fabric, thread, and sewing machine. Jacket, pants, vest, boots, turtle neck shirt.

Alice- Dress created from pattern with fabric, ribbon, zipper, thread, and sewing machine. Shoes, ribbon, stockings.

White Rabbit- Costume created from oversized white sweatshirt (sleeves cut off and used for hat and ears), batting for lining, boa for fluffy chest and tail, pink felt for inside ears, fabric glue, and hot glue gun. Face paint”

Submitted by: Amy C.

“This homemade costume was made over the summer of 2010. This costume is ‘The Demon’ (Gene Simmons of KISS). The armor was constructed out of aluminum baking sheets, cut out and riveted together. The waistpiece, made of leather, cut to fit, and studs attached. I bought the boots, then cut and glued wood planks out and attached them to the bottom with screws to make them ‘platform’ style.
Supplies bought from 2nd hand store: Aluminum baking sheets, Leather, Cape.
Supplies from hardware store: Rivets, Wood, Screws, Hot glue sticks, Studs.
Supplies from halloween store: Wig, Makeup”

Submitted by: Joe S.

“This is my wookie costume. I made it using synthetic braiding hair by sewing the hair into a suit. I also made a latex mold for the mask by building a clay sculpture. Then each hair strand was inserted into the mask one by one. The entire process took about 125 hours.”

Submitted by: Jared M.

“This Pirates of the Caribbean inspired costume consists of the following…

Silk and brocade gown with hand sewn lace details and bead work on the bodice stomache. Fully boned corset and lacing in the front and back achieve a tight fit, a cotton chemise with vintage style lace is worn underneath. Side hoops (panniers) are hand made out of a stiff cotton canvas and metal boning, a brocade petticoat peaks out from under the gown to finished off the look.

Silk organza hat is hand made with millinery techniques. Everything is professionally sewn and serged, lots of hand sewing to achieve a historical look and finish.

Thanks for looking at my costume! ”

Submitted by: Amanda E.

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2 thoughts on “Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Winners

  1. Amy C

    All of the costumes were FABULOUS!! That Edward Scissor Hands costume totally ROCKS!! Thanks for choosing my Alice In Wonderland costumes for an honorable mention.


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