Shaped Cards

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By Scrapbook & Paper Crafts Contributor Kim, from the Blog “Paper Hugs”.

Shaped cards are fun to make and ever more fun to receive.  It’s not as hard as you may think.  Step “outside the box”, literally.  

Start by cutting down the size card you would like to have as a base.  I usually choose the standard size of 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 so that it will fit inside a standard envelope.  Shaped cards can typically be left alone and not embellished, so they cost less to ship since there may be no bulk to consider.

This is an easy card that can be sent during the Halloween season.  

Once you have the perimeters, draw your shape or word in pencil.  This paper will be used as a template, so use a heavy weight cardstock.  Whats great is that you can use it as a template to again.

Once you are happy with your word, cut along the lines with sharp scissors.

Now that you have your template, trace it onto the back of your card base with pencil and cut along the lines once again.  If you prefer the inside of the card to be solid (and not have the holes that are needed for certain letters) then you can trace the word or shape onto the inside of the card front and not the back also.

Once you have your shaped card base cut, you can embellish.  I chose punched circles but googly-eyes would be a fun touch too!  I distressed the edges with the sharp side of my scissors.  If you don’t feel like you cut a smooth line, this is a great way to hide flaws.

You can use die cuts as a template too…look around to see what you can trace and make into a shaped card.  Keep in mind where the fold is and make sure to have a straight edge on that side if possible.  Always use scrap paper first before you commit to your project.

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