Champagne Chairs

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By General Crafts Contributor, Shelly from the blog “Pickwick & Plum”.  

Ever notice how similar Champagne stoppers and vintage cafe chairs look? I’ve been playing with a variety of treatments and here are three that I think might inspire you to ‘look anew’ at that bottle of bubbly you’ve got hid in your pantry. So, pour yourself a glass and plug in the hot glue gun.

Materials for this project might include:

Vintage buttons and millinery
Scraps of trim or rick rack
Odd metal parts or toys
Plastic bird, or sticker

I recommend letting the seat lead the direction of the rest of the chair. For all three of these, I picked a vintage button for the seat. Only on the Tree Chair, did I flatten one of the sides – but it helped with getting the branches to line up properly. The metal backing of the Blue Chair is half an old drawer plate (the part of a dresser drawer pull that sits against the dresser). It’s nice and thin metal, so it bent well. Although I did help it along with my handy Nibblers (a great tool for metal available at hardware stores).

At the back of the Blue Chair, I stuck a small rod of brass through the button shank. I added some vintage trim and a velvet ribbon to finish it off. It looks a bit art deco in design.

For the tree chair, I simply hot glued some branches together in a row and attached them to the flattened part of the button. I think  I used my heat gun on some old christmas tinsel. Got it nice and scrunched for the nest and sewed three ivory buttons onto it. I then attached a bird sticker to one of the branches. I wrapped the seat with some vintage trim in gold and blue.

This Mod Chair is made using a part of an old lamp. Where the light bulb would be, is the upholstered button. I attached this to the metal with 2 part epoxy. The back seat cushion I made by using another fabric covered button. I dented the middle so it looked more ‘stuffed’ and stuck a metal flower in the center – but you could actually make a small fabric cushion out of some fabric and foam. I wrapped the seat here in red rick-rack to match the red ‘legs’ of the stopper.

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