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By General Crafts Contributor Amy, from the Blog “Mod Podge Rocks!”

I’ve been doing a lot of fashion crafting lately, which is fun because I feel like I have a new wardrobe!  I really love chandeliers, and my boring orange ol’ t-shirt needed something to spice it up.  Simply Screen, a DIY screenprinting program, was just the ticket – it took only a few minutes to get this fabulous glittery chandelier.

To make, you’ll need to gather these supplies:


Simply Screen Stencil Chandelier 

Simply Screen Glue 

Simply Screen Glitter Precious Metal 

T-shirt form, or something to put in between the t-shirt while crafting

Parchment Paper


Here are the goods (minus the glitter pack, which I couldn’t find when I took this photo).  I’m ready to get my craft on!

Make sure that you put something between your t-shirt and lay it down on a flat surface – smooth the stencil down firmly wherever you want the image to go (the stencil is self-adhesive).

Place a line of glue across the top of the screen.  I’ll show you why in the next step.

Using the squeegee that comes with the stencil, spread the glue down the front in smooth strokes.  I repeated several times until the glue covered the image, making sure to get it in every part of the design. You can even go side to side – just make sure not to get any on the t-shirt!

Peel off the stencil and let the glue stand for 30 seconds.  Then sprinkle glitter all over the design, making sure to cover all areas well.  You might want to do this outside, or at least in an area that be glitterized.  Don’t shake yet!

Allow the adhesive to dry for three hours, and then place parchment paper over the top. Iron for 30 seconds on the cotton setting.  Shake off the excess glitter and your design is done!

One other thing – Simply Screen also comes with some great paints, so you can combine paint and glitter to your heart’s content.  Fun, huh?

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