Paisley Tray

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By General Crafts Contributor Amy, from the Blog “Mod Podge Rocks!”

I love fixing up old items that I find!  This tray above was a thrift store treasure – perfect and in good condition, great for organizing my art supplies.  The only problem was that it was kind of boring and need a little pizzazz.  Nothing boring for my shelves!  This revamp is so easy, you won’t believe it.  First, gather these supplies:

Wood tray

Scrapbook paper – I used Anna Griffin’s Riley Collection, 2 sheets each of 2 corresponding papers

Mod Podge Gloss

Flat paint brush

Craft knife and mat or scissors

Pen or pencil

Here’s the tray beforehand – do you see why I enhanced it?  It just needed something.

I measured the compartments to make sure that I cut the paper correctly.

Turn your paper with the print side facing down, measure and cut to fit the compartments.  I used two different (yet complimentary) patterns from the same scrapbook paper collection, which I think added a nice touch.

Grab your Mod Podge and brush and put a medium layer on the inside of each compartment.

Place the paper down and smooth, smooth smooth!  You’ll see I used an old gift card to do the smoothing.  It worked really well!  Continue to smooth and wipe away Mod Podge that comes out the sides (and it will).  Do all of the compartments and allow to dry for 15 – 20 minutes.

Paint a medium layer of Mod Podge over the paper in each compartment, being careful not to get it on the sides.  Wipe away if it does.  Allow to dry and you’re done.

Organizing has really never been this easy, or this cute!  Not only was this craft simple to make, but it was inexpensive.  With the Mod Podge I had on hand and the thrifted tray, I spent less than $5 making something I will use for a long time.  Yay!

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Amy Anderson is a 32-year-old transplant from Seattle living in Atlanta, Georgia. She was born from creative genes, and is carrying on the tradition. She has been knitting for 17 years, sewing for longer and decoupaging for just a few. She does all of these things on a daily basis, or at least as much as she can. In addition to Mod Podge, Amy loves the color blue, dogs, reading, cold weather, funny movies, road rallies, yogurt, garden gnomes, sock monkeys, running, tattoos, being outdoors, buttons, snuggling and apparently blogging. Amy says “who knew I could enjoy crafting and then blogging about it this much?” You can find more of Amy’s work at “Mod Podge Rocks!”

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