Free Stuff Friday!!

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With Valentine’s Time Day coming up, it’s time to make Valentine’s Day cards! Enter to win the K&Company Valentine Making  Kit & the Kazoo Pinwheel Kit!

Every Friday we’re posting a giveaway on Think Crafts. All you have to do to enter is comment on the blog post answering the question of the week. We’ll pick the winners and contact them via email. One entry per person please.

We’re giving two people both kits to make a special present for their Valentine!

Question of the Week: What is your favorite past time?

If the comment box is not below, scroll to the top and click “comments”.

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29 thoughts on “Free Stuff Friday!!

  1. Mary Matthews

    My Favorite pastime is just plain crafting. I do a lot of American Indian crafts such as dreamcatchers, beading, and leatherwork. I also crochet, make dried flower arrangements with grapevine, and all sorts of decorations for each the holidays. I got hurt at work so my crafting has been keeping me sane through all of this. I been off work since July 28th. Thank god for my crafting!!! YEA!!!

  2. Judy Wright

    My favorite pastime of course is crafting mainly with paper/rubber stamps. However i love making gifts out of everyday items…now if i can just get my craft room organized…

  3. Jeni

    My favorite pastime is volunteering and helping my community. I love giving back to the beautiful city I live in.

    And I also LOVE crafting!

  4. Holly Doyle

    Since I often teach crafting classes I think that my favorite past time is watching what happens when students are given an idea and a technique. That’s when art really happens! Seeing them go from “I can’t” to “Wow this is great” will always be a thrill for me.

  5. Portia

    Spending quality time with family would be my first favorite pastime. I think my second would be quilt retreats with my girl friends. 🙂

  6. sweetdoodles

    Family is always #1 but I really enjoy just kicking it at home cooking,scrapbooking of course,do a lil this and that ya know or SHOPPING

  7. Sandi

    For those days when I have time to spare, I love quilting. It’s satisfying to see an idea come to fruition and it really helps to soothe that inner “creative build-up” anxiety 🙂 The best part of quilting though is giving them away and seeing how happy it makes the recipient.

  8. allie Post author

    I’ve recently gotten into making wire earrings! I can make earrings to make any outfit, it’s fun and practical!

  9. Chris Steele

    Really? Just one? I love reading, but most recently it’s been watching TV/movies (the practicality of little kids). Ha. See, I got two in there anyway.

  10. Gillian

    I think my favorite pastime is probably learning a new skill, particularly a crafting skill. I love finding something, figuring out how it’s made and them working out how to do it myself.

  11. Larisa Steele

    I liked going to Dairy Queen with my dad.

    I like photography.

    I waste time on silly blogs.

    I like to snuggle my little boy.

  12. April Linnell

    My favorite pastime is hanging out with my daughter. We enjoy watching movies and scrapbooking.. Sadly I have not had as much time for scrapbooking as I would like to give her. Hopefully soon we’lll be able to scrapbook like crazy again. 😉

  13. Kadee

    Organizing. Simply taking a “mess” even it is only a mess to me, and organizing it.

    I should make it a career.

  14. Tammy

    My favorite pastime is baking rreats to share with family and friends. I also enjoy looking at craft ideas to find new ways to wrap up baked goods as gifts. I also enjoy photography and putting together photo albums to create a lasting memory.

  15. Mary

    My favorite past time is definitely crafting. I will apply Mod Podge and/or Glitter to pretty much anything and everything!

  16. Mable's Mom

    I have 2 cute little dogs that I adore! and my favorite past time is fixing up their chew toys because they tear them apart!

  17. Heather S.

    There is nothing better then sitting back with a cup of coffee and a good book. Making cards is a close second though.

  18. christy

    There are so many things I love to do, baking, making jewelry, crafting cards, curling up with a good book… but I have to say that my favorite pastime of all is writing. There’s nothing I love more than the thrill of inspiration. Putting words down on paper and arranging them in pleasant little lines and hanging them together until the whole begins to fade away as emotions take their place. Moving people, making someone FEEL something… Well, there’s just nothing else quite like it.

  19. {pam}

    my fave past time is scrapbooking. i love getting lost in the designing and creation of layouts . . . takes my mind off things and provides a wonderful stress release!!

  20. TishSch

    My favorite past times are scrapbooking, cardmaking, crocheting, sewing, and reading. In that order. I also love to go camping, and I take one or all of the above past times with me when I go!

  21. Lo

    My favorite passtime is going to an art gallery – it always turns out to be such a relaxing afternoon!

  22. Pauline

    My favourite pastime is browsing all the craft blogs looking at mosaic sites on the web and dreaming, ahhh, one day I will make all of these wonderful things.

  23. Rosy

    My pasttime all time favorite is handsdown fishing on our jet boat in the Columbia River on a nice sunny day, not to far from our campsite, loaded with family and friends sitting around a soon to be lit campfire, RELAXIN’

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