Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

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Yesterday we sat down and looked over all the entries for this year’s Handmade Halloween Costume Contest by CreateForLess. We had so many creative entries that it was very difficult to choose the winners!

1st Place Winner of $150 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Alexandria H. from Centerville, TN

I made this costume for my niece who loves to wear dresses. There are six parts to it. The chemise is made of cotton broadcloth with white lace around the neckline that had the scalloped edge dyed bright pink. The stays are made from a heavy cotton fabric with a dark burgundy jacobean print on it, trimmed with green ribbon and gold binding. The paniers are made from pink taffeta. The dress is made of ivory antique satin with an embroidered stomacher, and ruching edged with green ribbon. The stomacher is beaded with pearls and decorated with gold buckles through which ribbon was passed. The sleeves are trimmed with a wide lace which had the scalloped edge dyed pink. Hand made embroidered appliques are scattered along the ruching and the sleeves. The necklace is made from the matching embroidered satin and edged in green ribbon with a pink bow and buckle in the center. The mask was made to match the dress and was constructed of paper mache, covered in ivory satin, decorated with white and silver glitter, edged with handbraided silver trim and finished off with white feathers and an embroidered applique flower.

2nd Place Winner of $100 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Anthony L. from Northglenn, CO

I created this custom from plastic and rivets. It is Ironman from the movie and comic series. I used a lot of hot glue, and LED lights.

3rd Place Winner of $50 CreateForLess gift card goes to:

Melinda D. from Coralville, IA

My 3 year old daughter decided that she wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween and I decided to go for “Mom of the Year”! I started by sculpting the head shape out of high density foam. I used an electric knife to cut the foam. Next I sewed a fuzzy white cover to fit. I used a small amount of doll/toy stuffing to fill in the ears and round out the cover to give it a very smooth face. I made a “breathing and vision” section out of sheer white fabric to show a finished look. I attached the eyes, nose and whiskers next. The final step was to sew and attach the green bow to match Hello Kitty’s dress. Her outfit is a white pair of tights, a white turtleneck, a simple green dress and a pair of white gloves. My daughter is so excited to go trick or treating and show it off at her preschool Halloween party!

Honorable Mentions:  

I’m Expecting Barbie, it was hard to find maternity Halloween costumes so I decided to make this one.
Cardboard Box, front panel & arm holes cut out
Hot Pink Wrapping Paper
Shrink Wrap (just up to neck)
Ink Jet Printed Logos & Text
Pink Dress
Blond Wig
Pink Accessories

Submitted by: Christina F. from Burnsville, MN

What costume could be “Sweeter” than everyone’s favorite childhood treat?? That would have to be a BIG HOMEMADE Chocolate CUPCAKE!! Our sweet daughter, Rachel, dreamed only of being a fluffy white Cupcake for Halloween this year. So we Frosted her with fluffy white fabric, covered her in sparkly RAINBOW SPRINKLES and topped it off with a HOT PINK CHERRY! The only thing missing from this picture is the delicious Cupcake body lotion she is wearing to even make her smell of the sweet goodness! With lots of creative thought and hard work we made her sweet dream, of being a Yummy Cupcake, come true!

Submitted by: Jennifer P. from Northville, MI

This is a Civil War era dress I created from two fashion times, one 1863 and the other, 1866. I drafted my own pattern in order to capture the exact look I was going for, and I used iridescent green taffeta, creamy striped organza, and matching satin taffeta for the pleated trim. I finished it off with hand-looped pearl beads centered in the gathers of the skirt, and pearl jewelry appropriate to the time.

Submitted by: Jacqueline H. from Centerville, TN

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One thought on “Handmade Halloween Costume Contest Winners!

  1. Amy Thompson

    Darn! I missed it. I love costume making and have costumed my kids in handmade costumes most of their lives. Wish I had seen this sooner!

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