Hair Clip Round Up

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Blog Contributor, Crafty Mom and Writer, Gillian, from the Blog “Dried Figs and Wooden Spools”.

I have a three year old girl. A three year old girl who gives Fancy Nancy a run for her money in the dressing up department. Which means I have hairclips. Lots of hairclips. Or at least it means I buy, make and inherit lots of hairclips, keeping them together and in a handy place for our hair taming sessions however, is another story. I’ve tried boxes and baskets but somehow they get tipped, or raided or dumped out into the sink and the clips begin to disappear into couch cushions, car seats and, although I’ve never seen it myself, into the toilet I imagine.

Now that fall is upon us and I’m preparing to restock her wardrobe, both for the body and for the head. I am determined to hang onto more of the sweet hairclips that she insists on wearing each day. Which means I need to get organized. After perusing all of the hairclip holding options out there, I settled on a wall mounted system. It displays what you have (so you dont forget about that oh so sweet clip you couldn’t resist that is now crammed in the back of your makeup drawer, admit it, it happens!) without leaving them out where little hands can carry them off without your knowledge. And since I could a) not find anything that was going to match the bathroom where the bulk of our hairdressing happens and b) I’m too cheap and too into crafts anyway to buy one, I set about making my own version of a hairclip holder.

You can hang the hairclip holder anywhere!

If you look around the house (check that basement!) you’ll probably find most of what you need. An empty frame, a piece of plywood, a staple gun, paint that matches wherever you intend to hang the finished product and ribbon to match.

Remove all glass, backing and art from your frame and lightly sand the surface with a fine grit sandpaper then wipe it down carefully to remove all the dust and dirt. Coat the front, sides and interior edge with the paint of your choice, for my project, I used a black semigloss paint that was close to the color of the frames already hanging in my bathroom.

Next, cut the plywood to fit into the back of the frame. If your frame had a sturdy backer board, this will work too. Here you have two options, you can either paint the backer board with a craft paint that matches your walls or decor or you can wrap the board in a coordinating fabric. Personally I wanted a delicate but graphic look so I chose to paint the board the color of my walls and used patterned ribbon, but a patterned fabric and solid ribbons would be a great combination as well.

Select your ribbon

Cut several lengths of ribbon that are longer by several inches than the backer board and try out a few arrangements, pushing the board into place to check the effect until you are pleased with the look you have created.

Staple the ribbon down

Once the ribbon is where you want it, secure one end to the back of the frame then pull the other end tight before stapling the other end. If your staples are long enough you can staples directly through the board and ribbon and into the setting edge of the frame, securing the ribbon and the plywood all in one go. As you work be sure to check the positioning of the ribbons before you staple each one. This means a lot of flipping but is much better than ending up with crooked ribbons!

Line the back with craft paper

When all the ribbons are secure, cover the back with craft paper and attach a picture hanger to the top and your ready to go! If your daughter is into cloth headbands these can be woven through the ribbons or you can screw a few small cup hooks into the bottom of the frame and hang them from there, keeping all your hair accessories in one lovely spot. Now I just have to figure out how to keep all those stripy tights organized!

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