Craft Bloopers Drawing Winner

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Congratulations to Andrea B. from Lamar, MO, who was randomly chosen as the winner of our Craft Bloopers Drawing and a $100 CreateForLess Shopping spree! Andrea’s Craft Blooper was…

“A friend and I had organized a scrapbooking day to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We called our event the ‘Crop for a Cure’. I was working on a small thank you card for one of our sponsors of the event. I had all the right papers, and stamps and inks, even embellishments.

I was happily assembling each piece (between various event interruptions) and then came time to write my message inside the card. I was drawing each word out in a beautiful curly script. Each letter fell into place: ‘Thank You for Supporting the Cr…’ but then; the swirl of my ‘o’ in the word ‘crop’ turned down instead of up and suddenly I was thanking people not for their support of an enjoyable day of scrapbooking, but for a crass bodily function that apparently had mythical healing powers. My friends will never let me forget the day they attended the ‘Crap for a Cure’.” 

After our giggles subsided, we thought we would share more Craft Bloopers Stories!  

“My biggest craft blooper happened about 20 years ago when, as a novice sewer, I was attempting to make a pair of loose fitting wide-legged pants. I somehow inverted one pant leg so that the hem of the pants ended up at the waist. I ripped it out and tried again. Lo and behold I repeated the mistake. So I ripped it out and tried once more. Again it was upside down. Ever the optimist I tried once more and finally succeeded!! We all learn from our mistakes, I guess I’m just a slow learner! 🙂
P.S. I’ve progressed to sewing Bridal gowns and window treatments”.

Roma M. from Missouri City, TX

“I handmade all my Christmas cards one year, completed all of them. When I began addressing the cards and signing my name on the inside, I noticed I had done this one completely upside down on the inside. Well I mailed it to a friend who was sure I made perfect cards. I included the post script by saying “just another one of my bloopers”.

Lillian K. from Durango, CO.

“I was making a box out of cardstock to put a handmade necklace and earrings in for a friend. I was so proud of myself–it was a first effort and it looked beautiful. When I finished it, I was showing it off to my sister and bragging about how easy it was to make. OOPS! When I went to put the jewelry in it, I discovered that I truly had done a good job on it and glued it together securely–on all sides! I forgot to leave one side open! Oh well, back to the drawing board!”

Jennifer S. from Wantagh, NY.

“I was anxious to welcome to my new step father to the family and since he was an accomplished violinist and a music lover I thought a cross stitch picture would be perfect. I found just the right kit and stitched away. Horrors — half way through I discovered I was stitching the vertical picture on the horizontal axis of the aida! Careful – and panicked – measuring assured me that I had JUST enough fabic to complete the picture. Whew!

I finished the picture, had it framed and presented it. He was delighted. I was delighted — until my mother pointed out that the violin – centerpiece of the picture – had no strings! I had forgotten that last detail! The picture hangs in their living room in a place of honor — and still has no strings. It is a SILENT accolade to my future – and now present – step dad.”

Becky H. from Chicago, IL

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3 thoughts on “Craft Bloopers Drawing Winner

  1. Randi

    I was hand cutting beautiful red fabric quilt pieces for about 2 days, so happy that I would have all of my pieces in order and ready for sewing, when I started to get symptoms of a really bad cold. I was sad because I had planned the sewing during my vacation days and the last thing that I wanted was to get sick. I took some cold medicine to ward off the symptoms of sneezing and a runny nose. I took a break from my fabric cutting on the 3rd day to do some housework, and I discovered that there was a fine layer of red dust on everything. I realized that I did not have a cold after all. I was breathing in too much dust from the fabric, which I did not even see until it was all over my dust cloth. I use a dust mask now if I’m doing a great deal of cutting at one time. Achoo!

  2. June B. from Columbus, MS

    I was working on a cornice board and accidently stapled my wrist to the cornice. Since I had used an electric staple gun, the staple was in pretty good. When I started looking for my staple remover, it just happen to be at the other end of the table. Sooooo, I had to pick up the cornice which was still attached to my wrist and carry it across the table until I could reach the staple remover. The disassemble was successful!!!

  3. Margret B.

    My sister has champagne tastes but not the finances, so for her wedding we handmade almost everything. Because nothing was decided until the last minute, chaos reigned. Garden Angels were given has gifts and had to be inspected as I being the only one willing to write, after the first 100 or so started to put the groom’s name with the groom’s name and bride with bride. That wasn’t as bad as the sampler that I had worked on during this time, I had my sister marrying Randall Davis…that is NOT her husband’s name! They never did let me change it! 15 years later, just tell their kids to ask auntie who Randall Davis is!

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