Folding Leads to the Wildlife

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On a recent cruise I was greeted in my stateroom by a silly elephant. This elephant was actually 2 towels folded with care. Towel animals are very common on cruises and too often the workmanship of this craft is overlooked. I’m goofy and just love finding a new animal each night on a cruise.



This trip there was a towel folding class during our day at sea. I signed up and was at the head of the class to learn how to fold an elephant and a dog. I also watched as cabin stewards folded stingrays, monkeys, turtles, frogs, rabbits, and teddy bears. I even bought the book the cruise line offered. According to the cruise line the top three animals are elephant, dog, and monkey.



I love it and adapted the folds using rectangles of paper to make some greeting cards. You need 2 towels for most animals. A regular body towel and a face towel (not a wash cloth). There are three basic body shapes and there basic face shapes that you fold, it really is quite easy.  Surprise your next houseguest with a cute puppy or rabbit waiting for him or her!



 Special Thanks to Tammy Zook for providing us with these photos!

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One thought on “Folding Leads to the Wildlife

  1. lucy bird

    That looks like so much fun! I have kids and they would really love to have one of those on their beds before bath time.I have actually just bought them some new bamboo bath towels, made from bamboo, so soft and lovely. I’m gonna get myself a dressing gown. what are those towels made from?

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