Recycled Craft Ideas

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Congratulations to Sheri B. from Platteville, WI who was randomly chosen as the winner of our Recycled Craft Ideas Drawing! They will receive a $100 CreateForLess shopping spree. Her recycled craft tip was… 

“My grandmother never wasted anything. If it had an original life it could also have a second, or even a third revival before it ‘bit the dust’ … as grandma would say. Grandma Jo taught me how make curtains, pillowcases, dishtowels, etc. out of feedsacks … which were pretty and all-cotton. She also made rugs out of cotton dresses, old sheets, old curtains … you name it and it could be reused. I purchase sheets from thrift shops and turn them into pretty “green” rugs. I never have to “sell” them … they seem to sell themselves and I feel good making something individually unique, beautiful, and very sturdy from unwanted material. Thanks Grandma for giving me truly “green” skills even before green was popular”.

Here’s some more of our favorite recycled craft idea submitted by customers.  Thanks to everyone who entered! 

“This is one of many beautiful cards I make using vintage papers from cards from the past. My customers also frame these too. This one would be so cute framed for a child’s nursery. I used modern blank cardstock to that I glued on beautiful new flowery paper of today and on top of that I glued down the vintage paper and I used stickers of flowers as well. I finished off with a pretty pink ribbon with flowers on it. It comes with a blank white envelope for gifting”.

Glenna N.
Manchester, NH

“Using an old cigar box or shoe box you can create a keep sake box through the art of decoupage. I always have tons of magazines or catalogs. So, I cut out images to paste onto the box. I also use everyday items around the house. I started a collection of recycled items to use on upcoming art projects like keep sake boxes: bottle caps, old film strips, playing cards, buttons, shells, etc. After gluing all the items onto the box you can follow up with a coat or two of Mod Podge or for an even sleeker look try a lacquer. I found that decoupage doesn’t stop at boxes, but you can also decoupage notebooks, old serving trays and even used furniture for a new look”.

J. N.
Columbus, OH

“I made a mobile for my 3-year old son’s room using an old CD, photo paper, toilet paper tube, felt, newspaper, glow in the dark stickers, paper clip, streamers, and string that we had lying around the house. I used Photoshop to create an image of the earth, moon, the Laurie Berkner band playing their instruments with space helmets on, and my son playing a Rock Band guitar and space helmet on the old photo paper. I fashioned a rocket ship, modeled after the one on the Rocket ship Run CD, out of felt scraps leftover from Christmas stocking project and stuffed it with the toilet paper tube and newspaper. I added flames made out of streamers I got from a local recycling group’s “mystery box”. Then I drilled holes into the CD, covered it an image of the earth, and hung all of the pieces from it using cotton string that my mother was planning to throw out when she moved. I hung it under his ceiling fan using on old paper clip. The “band” dances around when the fan is on and it glows in the dark. The best part is that even though I didn’t buy anything to make this, it doesn’t look like it was made from recycled parts”.

Christine P.
Webster, NY

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  1. Harry Music lover

    your ideas of crafting are mind blogging I love that idea of crafting this thing are to impressive to do I love to do crafting and create new things with waste material and try it for the utilization at home crafting make us creative and innovative

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