All Tied Up In Knots!

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Since I’ve been on a Chinese Arts theme lately, I thought I’d blog about Chinese Knotting.  You see it all the time on clothing, wall decorations, and even in paper arts projects.  Well, when I try to knot (and weave!) I usually end up with a tangled mess of cording!  So I was very happy when I found Clover’s Chinese Knot Templates!  It’s an easy to understand plastic template that is numbered so you can just follow along.  This complex type of knotting is rarely easy for the average crafter, but this template takes the stress out of it!

I also just love this book on Chinese Knotting.

This book published by Echo Publishing Company has lots of instructions, projects, and ideas for Chinese Knotting.


Here are some great websites I’ve found that have tutorials and projects:

The Chinese Knotting Organization

Knotting Artist

International Guild of Knottyers

Happy Knotting!

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