Candy Kiss Roses For You

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You may already know it, but I have a thing for candy!  And I am doubly amused when I can craft with candy.  I wanted to share one of my favorites.  I’m not even sure when or where I learned this craft or who taught me, but I’m forever grateful!

Here’s a fun rose to make for Valentine’s Day or any other time when a special treat will be enjoyed.



Adhere two candy kisses together at base (base to base). I used to do this with a dab of hot glue, but now use glue dots!

Place one tip end of a kiss to one floral wire.  Wrap kisses and about 1″ of floral wire with cling wrap.  Hold securely in one hand.  The cling wrap should be tight against the candy kisses.  This helps form the rosebud.

Begin wrapping with floral tape.  If you have never used floral tape before, it’s not tacky on one side like regular tape, you don’t feel any tackiness at all!  But floral tape does cling to itself, so start wrapping at the base of the rosebud and wrap half way down the floral wire, you must lightly pull the tape as you are wrapping for the floral tape to stick to itself.

Half way down, add your leaf, and then continue wrapping.  You should cover the leaf wire as you are wrapping the floral tape.

Once you are at the bottom of the floral wire, pull and tear the tape to finish the wrapping.

You should have a very cute little rosebud!

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3 thoughts on “Candy Kiss Roses For You

  1. Sandy

    I just ‘found’ your blog and I love it. The kisses rose bud is delightful. I’ll make some for my quilting group. I’ve been buying from Create for Less about a year for supplies to keep my quilting/bag making hobby alive! I sell a few so I can buy more fabric!

  2. cath

    Cute! It might be fun to mix some “real” silk roses in and make a whole bouquet of roses and buds.

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