Ideas For Family Heritage Scrapbooks & Pages

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My German Roots

Under the flap, you can read the German translated to English.

Create a family tree as the opening page of this special kind of scrapbook.  There are scrapbook papers designed for family trees, but you can also use genealogy forms as well. Themes to inspire: The Day You Were Born, Family Women, Weddings, Faces Of Our Family Tree, Grandparents, Cousins.

Family heritage color schemes are usually black, white, cream, brown, or green; however, don’t feel tied to the traditional colors.  There may be colors that are significant to your family and those are the colors you should consider.

Try to get journaling from members of the family to include in this type of scrapbook.  Handwriting is very important in a family heritage scrapbook and you should try to preserve every family member’s handwriting even if you must search out samples.

Heritage motifs include trees, leaves, monogram lettering, scrolling, and line art.  Usually embellishment is simple with a focus on photos and journaling.

Family documents are usually included in family heritage albums.  Try to include birth certificates, birth announcements, naturalization papers, wedding invitations or announcements, marriage certificates, death certificates, and any other significant document to your family.

Include a few This Day In History time lines to show how your family fits into the world’s history.  You can download free timelines from many web sites.  Include things like the price of bread, a gallon of milk, or a gallon of gas.

Try to get all branches of the family involved.  You may discover photos and documents you didn’t know still existed.  Plus the input of many family members will make journaling easier and more interesting.

Take a genealogy class or discover more about genealogy online.  There are so many resources to help you keep track of family members. 

Have each family member create their own special scrapbook page to be included in your family heritage album!

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