Digital Photography Tips

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· Buy the best you can afford. The more mega pixels the better. Look for a camera that allows different lens to be placed on the camera if you enjoy taking photos. If you do a lot of water sports or activities make sure the camera will fit into a waterproof casing.

· Buy the largest memory card you can afford. It’s better to have one large memory card than several smaller ones.

· Try as many cameras as you can. See if the fit (camera in your hand) is comfortable. Do your research and make sure you understand the camera features.

· Read the manual, try all the features, and take photos of everything.

· Learn to use the flash/fill flash. Even outdoors, the flash can fill in light and give you the best results.

· Know how you are going to use the photos. If you just plan to e-mail or use the photos on a web site, you can go low-resolution, however, if you want to print the photo you should go as high resolution as you can to get the best results.

· There is a slight delay in most digital cameras. Keep this in mind and keep the camera steady. It can be clumsy, but a tripod is the best way to make sure you have a steady camera. There are all kinds of tripods on the market now, so check out the selection.

· Shoot at eye level. Learn to use the digital display to shoot rather than the viewfinder.

· Keep the background in mind as you shoot photos. A plain background is best to really bring out the people and faces in a photo.

· Take lots of photos. Try different angles and try horizontal and vertical shoots. Move in close to the subject. Then move in closer!

· Macro and zooming in can make for interesting photos especially for nature shoots.

· Practice as much as you can with the focus. Try more manual focus shoots.

· If using a cell phone camera, you need as much light as possible, a very steady hand, high resolution, and a good knowledge of what your cell phone photo features are, but a cell phone can often capture some great spontaneous photos.

· Try to delete all images from your memory card while it is in the camera. Remove to download images, but return the memory card to the camera and delete the images.


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