Quick and Easy Christmas Part I

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  1. Simple really is quite pretty and sophisticated for the holidays. Add a red bow to a basket, spray some pinecones gold, or spritz some glitter on a candle.
  2. Use swags as the base for floral decorations. Swags come go on the mantle, over a door, cover the corner of a door, or be placed flat on a table for a centerpiece. Swags are available made from most materials from evergreen to grapevine.
  3. Quilts can act as a quick tree skirt or table clothe and add a special country flavor to the room!
  4. Cookie cutters make perfect napkin ring holders during the holidays and all through the year.
  5. Glass ornaments aren’t just for the tree! Fill up baskets, candy dishes, and other containers with the shiny fun balls that symbolize the holidays. A special touch is to add light; a small string of lights makes the ornaments glow!
  6. Don’t just use fresh evergreen for florals. Add other delights like boxwood, holly, ivy, ferns, and even bare tree branches plain or sprayed white.
  7. Run out of wrapping paper? Use the Sunday comics. Use a plain box and stamp it with fun prints. Use fabric. Freezer paper sprayed with glitter. Use your imagination!
  8. Why just pour plain old shelled nuts in the nut bowl when you can spray them gold or silver!
  9. Some more great ideas for gift wrap: brown or white lunch bags with iron on transfers or stenciled, recycle 2 liter bottles that you have foiled, or create a holiday basket with lots of sparkle.
  10. Need more ornaments for the tree? Why not add some family treasures? Some old mittens, grandma’s handkerchief, dad’s old pipe, some of the children’s small toys, a favorite teddy bear, a string of buttons and baby booties. Can you think of more???
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