Floral Flip Flops

By Recycled Crafts Contributor, Anitra from the blog “Coffee Pot People”. 

The window is open, and a fresh, cool, breeze is filling the room. Outside, the rain is coming down steadily from pale gray skies. I’ve been waiting for flip-flop weather, but not idly—I’ve been giving my flip-flops some Style!

Here’s what you’ll need to do the same:

  • A pair of flip-flops
  • A scrap of print fabric
  • Two silk flowers—multi-layered petals work well
  • Two coordinating buttons 
  • Glue 
  • About a foot of craft wire 
  • Scissors, pencil, paper, brush

First take a sheet of paper and trace around your bare foot. You need to draw a line between your big toe and the next, all the way to the web, where you’ll draw a small circle. You can draw the shape of your toes, like a scalloped edging, or a smooth arch. (I drew the scallops, but ended up cutting the smooth arch, because of the pattern on my fabric.) Cut out the foot you’ve drawn. This is your pattern.

Take your piece of fabric and fold it in half, pin the pattern to it, and cut it out. You may want to cut a little outside the lines, to leave an edge showing around your foot.

Before you unpin the pattern from the fabric, lay them on the bed of one of the flip-flops to test for fit. You may need to adjust the cut of the circle the flip-flop’s post goes through, or trim some off the foot, and this is the time to do it.

When you have the fabric foot cut to satisfaction, put a little glue in a dish and add a little water, until it’s the consistency of paint. Protect your work surface, turn the fabric foot face down, and brush the watered glue all over it. Thoroughly coat the fabric with glue, paying special attention to the edges.

Turn over, and smooth onto the bed of the flip-flop. The fabric will go over the top of the straps at the back. You can leave it like that, although the movement of the straps may loosen the bond. The other option is to mark a semicircle following the curve of the strap, and cut far enough up from the heel end to clear the strap. Tuck the edge under the strap, dabbing a little extra glue on it.

Cut two pieces of craft wire, each about six inches long. The wire is going to show, so try to pick a color that coordinates with the fabric and flower you’re using. Bend each piece of wire into a U, and slip the U over the center post of the flip-flops, under the strap.  Let the U-bend extend about ½” in front of the post.

Now bend the U up and over the top of the strap, so it’s at about the middle of the strap’s Vee.

Bring the ends of the wire up from the back, and under the U. That creates a lark’s head knot, to anchor the silk flower without irritating your foot. Don’t worry if the wire fights you—just work with it until you’ve bent it to your will!

Now take your silk flowers, removing all the plastic bits that hold them together. Each layer of petals will have a central hole. Thread both ends of each wire through that central hole, and then through one of the buttons, and twist to secure.

Wind the extra wire around a toothpick, round-nose pliers, or other skinny thing to form curlicued stamen. The photo below has flip-flops using both shank and two-hole buttons, to show how each would work.

You’re finished!

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