Q-Tip Painted Bouquet

By Kids Crafts Contributor Veronika. Follow Veronika on her blog Toddler at Play and on Instagram @toddleratplay.

This Q-tip Painted Bouquet is such a beautiful and colorful craft idea using a fun and unique painting technique. Using tied Q-tip bunches, dipping them into paint and stamping the tiny flowers has never been so fun. Kid’s will absolutely enjoy this craft!

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Glittery First Birthday Crown


My daughter’s first birthday is quickly approaching, I can’t believe how quickly time flies. While Pinteresting one day for ideas for her party, I saw these crowns and just knew she HAD to have one, plus it gave me a chance to use those iron-on glitter sheets I have been eyeing for awhile.

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DIY Door Latch Covers

Finished on door

My husband tells me I tend to shut doors loudly, or at least that is what he claims when I get up before him. I don’t believe I shut them any louder than he does, but just in case, I wanted to make sure that our baby won’t wake up as soon as someone shuts the nursery door, or really any door upstairs. These cute DIY Door Latch Covers are thin enough that the door still shuts, but the stop the door latch from clicking. These sleep savers are quick and easy to put together.

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