2018 Resolution: Organize my Craft Desk

My 2018 New Year’s resolution (one of many) was to organize the craft supplies at my work desk! Projects include a spiffy painted and fabric-covered drawer organizer, storage rack, chipboard caddy, ruler rack, and even an updated mouse pad!

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How to Make a Bar of Soap Halloween Costume

By General Crafts Contributor Victoria from the blog Dazzle While Frazzled.

DIY a bar of soap costume in no time.

Are you headed to a couples Halloween costume party this year? Why not go as a bar of soap and a bath puff and take home the coveted Best Costume prize! (The bath puff costume was created by following an online tutorial.)

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Easy Fabric Hexagon Coasters

Fabric Coaster tutorial with a free template!

My husband is a card carrying member of the coaster police, which is fine… if you don’t only have stone coasters, a glass coffee table… and a 1 year old. Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of me moving the coasters out of her reach, and the C.P. (Coaster Police) putting them back only to have to stop the 1 year old from banging them on the coffee table. Something had to change, the easy solution fabric coasters!

These coasters are so quick and easy, a whole set could probably be made from start to finish in about an hour.

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Cozy Crafts for Rainy Days

It’s April Showers season, and that’s never truer than here in Portland. Whenever it’s rainy outside, I want nothing more than to make something warm and cozy to enjoy on the next rainy day. I’m an avid knitter, and there is something so relaxing to me about sitting under a blanket with some wool yarn in my hand and knitting up a sweater while I daydream about wearing it during a future rainy day.

If you love crafting during a rainy day as much as I do, let us know what you love to make and enter to win a $100 CreateForLess Shopping Spree at our April Showers Drawing!

Insulated Cup Cozy

Insulated Mug Cozy

Keep that tea you love to sip during a rainy day warm with a mug cozy that has insulated batting on the inside. This is a quick craft that makes a great gift. It’s perfect if you’re like me and always forget about your warm drink until it’s cold.

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