Kids Crafts: Keep it Cool

We are well into the summer months, and the weather is definitely showing it. If your kids are feeling the heat, then they will love these creative ways to cool off. Craft with the kids and keep cool at the same time!

Ice Cream Play Dough

Ice Cream Play Dough

Store this fun dough in the refrigerator for a fun way to beat the heat. Kids of all ages will love squishing this cool dough with their hands and older kids can scoop their own ice cream cones without the sugar rush!

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Kids Crafts: Clouds & Rain

In just 21 years of life, I have managed to live in two of the rainiest places in the world: Portland, Oregon and Southern Ireland. And yes, I love it. 55 degrees and drizzly is my “sunny and 75”. So, whether your kiddos love cloudy skies and the sound of rain like myself, or they’re stir crazy and stuck inside because of it, I have some crafts for them!

Homemade Rainsticks

Is there a sweeter sound than rain falling? Not likely. With this fun craft you can hear that pitter-patter whenever your heart desires, plus it doubles as an instrument for whenever your kiddos want to put on a concert!

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Kids Crafts: May Flowers

As you know, I enjoy crafting from my backyard patio table, looking out on vibrant spring blossoms. First came the Magnolias, then the Cherry trees, finally the Peony’s and even a few first roses are blooming, inspiring me and the little ones to celebrate May Flowers and encourage discovery through Floral painting, crafting, and science experiments.

To learn new techniques for painting flowers that you find in your own garden and on nature walks, check out My Flower Journal, a blog that celebrates flowers and offers instruction for splatter paint projects you can enjoy with kids of all ages.

Create a Splattered Paint Flower GardenMy Flower Journal

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Kids Crafts: Scrapbooking

May is National Scrapbooking Month, so I thought I’d share some ideas for scrapbooking projects that are perfect for kids of all ages. Scrapbooking is an awesome way for children to express themselves through a combination of pictures, words, drawings and photos and to learn about the world around them, and document their experiences. Scrapbooks and journals also make wonderful keepsakes for years to come.

It’s a great time of year to get outside and learn about birds in the backyard and on nature walks. This tutorial offers some free printables and great tips for keeping a Bird Journal. Try taking your bird journal to a variety of habitats, your backyard, the park, near lakes and swamps, the zoo and nature preserves and be sure to bring a camera, colored pencils, crayons, etc to help your kids remember what they discover.

 Bird Watching BookThink Crafts

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Kids Crafts: Fun in the Garden

My nieces love helping out in the garden. They’re great little gardeners, careful not to step in the flower beds, eager to water the seed sprouts and enthusiastic about creating fun garden decor. Here are some ideas that can inspire projects for your garden helpers!

My mom is the master gardener in our family, she grows every vegetable you could imagine. The only problem with her garden is it’s a bit of a jungle! She knows exactly where everything is, but It can be hard for her helpers to know what’s what. These painted garden markers will be a huge help identifying plants in the jungle!

How to Make Garden Markers by Painting StonesAdventure in a Box

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Kids Crafts: For the Birds

Now that it’s warming up outside and the flowers are blooming I want to spend all my free time in my garden with my rabbit, Beatrice and my nieces when they’re visiting. We’re new to this house and garden so I’m always thinking of ways to make it our own. My niece likes hearing the birds chirping and she suggested we make some houses for the birds so they could stay and visit too. Bird houses and feeders are definitely what’s missing in our backyard. Here are some of the best ideas we found for making bird houses and feeders with kids!

Painted or Decoupaged Milk Cartons make such cool upcycled bird houses. Younger children can use paint and embellishments, older kids might prefer trying decoupage.

Make a Painted or Decoupaged Bird Feeder from CartonsCandice Ashment Art

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Kids Crafts: Earth Day!

Teaching kids how to be more sustainable by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling is part of our daily routine. By now my little ones correct me if they see me being careless about water usage or throwing something away that could be useful. Earth Day crafts are a great way to celebrate the Earth and our home and brainstorm more ways that we can preserve our resources and protect the environment. Join me and my little ones in our celebration with these great tutorials for Earth Friendly Crafts!

These Earth Crayons are easy to make, and so cool to color with! What a great way to reuse all those broken pieces of crayons.

Homemade Earth CrayonsSandy Toes & Popsicles

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