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Kids’ Crafts: The Night Sky

My 7 year old niece has always been interested in astronomy. Ever since she was a toddler she has been calling me and my husband with questions about the universe, the stars, sun  and planets. Let’s just say it’s a good thing we have the internet at our fingertips! I’ve found that the best way to educate our little ones about scientific processes, to answer their questions or to highlight what they learn at school, is to find relevant arts and crafts projects we can do at home.

Floracraft makes a solar system kit that you can make at home with the kids to demonstrate the basic ideas of how the solar system functions.

Floracraft Solar System Set

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Kids’ Crafts: Felt

Looking for Bright Colors and Cozy activities to bring cheer to dreary winter days? I’ve found some felt crafts and games for the kids to make and play with for calming indoor activities this winter.

This first one is more of a Springtime activity, but the basic tutorial for wet wool felting can be used for a variety of themes. Felt beads, flowers, or balloons would all work similarly.

Wool Felted Wool Eggs

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Kids’ Crafts: Let it Snow!

Winter is here, but we’ve mostly had rain here in Portland, no snow yet. We try to make it to the mountains when we can to play in real snow, but in the meanwhile here are some wintry crafts and activities to help pass the time and get our snow fix!

Making Crystal Snowflakes is a great science experiment to do with the kids.

Crystal Snowflakes ScienceLittle Bins for Little Hands

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Kids’ Crafts: Christmas Crafts

This week is one of the busiest of the year in our household, with holiday preparations, extended family visiting, and kids off from school. Especially with the extreme rain we’ve been having here in Portland it’s easy to feel cooped up with crazy. It’s times like these crafting with the family is not only fun, but necessary.

I love how focused the little ones get when they work on beading or lacing activities. Here’s a great beading craft for the holidays. These make great decorations on the tree or hanging in your wintry window display.

Icicle OrnamentsHappy Hooligans

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Kids’ Crafts: DIY Gifts

Kids love giving presents almost as much as getting presents, and what better way to involve the whole family in holiday preparations but to create your own little present workshop at the craft table! Here are some holiday gifts that kids can make themselves, using inexpensive, easy to find materials. These are sure to wow the grandparents, parents, and teachers alike.

Mason jar gifts are popular for a reason, they’re easy to make and they always turn out beautiful!

Handmade Gifts by Kids

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Kids’ Crafts: DIY Ornaments

My all time favorite part of Christmas has always been decorating the tree. I remember as a kid being so excited to make my own ornaments that my parents would let me decorate  with since they were unbreakable, not to mention unique. Here are some fun ornaments that the kids can make and decorate with!

These cheerful elves will make a cute addition to any Christmas tree.

Fuzzy Christmas Elves 

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Kids’ Crafts: Christmas Cards

My family loves making their own holiday cards, but it is more time consuming so we thought we’d get an early start by setting up a card making station with the little ones. That way whenever we need a fast craft card making is always available. I know these cards will be unique and treasured by our friends and family because they are hand crafted with love and creativity! Here are some ideas to inspire your kids’ card making this season.

Felt candy cards are a truly unique way to send your holiday greeting. Kids will love writing small messages to go inside the “candy” and unwrapping their own.

Felt Candy Christmas Cards 

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