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Clay Gift Tags or Ornaments

By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

Gold Gift Tags or Ornaments

The holidays are all about adding that special touch and letting the ones you care about know how much you care for them.  These gift tag embellishments that can be used as ornaments will help jazz up any card or gift.

2 - gold spray paint and air drying clay

I started with some gold spray paint and air dry clay.  You’ll also need some ribbon.

3 - rolling clay

4 - using play dough tools

I started rolling out my clay but it was hard keeping it smooth and achieving the thin roll I had envisioned.  There had to be an easier way!  So I borrowed my toddler’s play dough tool.

5 - spelling out words and making shapes

6 - spray painting ornaments gold

Then I shaped my strands into words like “joy” and “noel” and created some fun holiday shapes like a star and candy cane.  I let them dry overnight then flipped them over so the other side could dry equally well.

Clay Gift Tag

Clay Ornaments with Gold Spray Paint

They received a coat of gold spray paint on both sides.  After drying, I tied some red ribbon to each embellishment.  Here they are on a gift bag and a mini tree.

The Framed Unicorn

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Framed Unicorn easy and inexpensive tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

My little one has a large obsession with unicorns. We have been looking at all the cool things people have been making out of the plastic animals lately and my daughter thought it would be cool to have a unicorn framed head for her dollhouse instead of the traditional deer.  Instead of using the expensive unicorn toys, we used dollar store finds to make this project.

DIY Framed Unicorn easy and inexpensive tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com



Remove Horse Head

Start by removing the head of the plastic animal with a large knife. I used a serrated kitchen knife and that worked fine.  Next, I  removed and discarded the plastic/glass from the frame. I glued the head of the horse to the cardboard backer of the frame. 

Add Horn

While the glue dries roll the Sculpey into a long thin log. Cut it into 2 pieces and gently twist them together. Decide how long the horn needs to be and cut the length. Again, gently pinch the twisted horn into a point. Use the E6000 glue to attach the horn to the horse’s forehead.  Let dry.

White Spray Paint

Once the glue is dry, apply coats of white spray paint (or whatever color you choose). It took 2 coats to cover the bright pink of out frame.  Let the paint dry. 

Let Dry

Now the unicorn is ready to hang.  

DIY Framed Unicorn easy and inexpensive tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

DIY Fire Hose Backpack

By Home Decor Contributor Jennifer from Brave New Home.

DIY Fireman Hose Backpack Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

My son has been really into all things fireman related lately and loves finding household items to use as a pretend fire house to extinguish pretend fires.  I’m not big into buying toys so I created this fireman hose backpack for him to pretend with.

2-fire hose backpack supplies

For this project, I picked up a jump rope from a dollar bin and used a mini backpack I already had on hand.  I also used various colors of craft paint.

3-painting backpack white

4-spray painting jump rope black

5-hanging the jump rope to dry

6-spraying the handles silver

7-painting the backpack red and gold

7.5-correcting paint with black sharpie

I started by painting the backpack white to give myself a blank canvas to work with.  Then I spray painted the jump rope black to create a fire hose and gave the handles a coat of silver.  I created the look of two water canisters with my paints.  After it dried completely, I went back in with a black Sharpie for touch ups.

8-tyining a knot in the jumprope

DIY Fire Hose Backpack - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

I cut two holes into the backpack, cut the jump rope in half, threaded each end through a hole, and secured the “hose” with a knot.  Not only is the backpack great for play, it makes a great accessory for a Halloween fireman costume!

Fire Hose Backpack - Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

Bottle Cap Owl

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

Create this cute owl with recycled materials! Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

Owls are so popular right now and since they are a sign of fall this will make a great project for little ones this time of year.  Helping  your child make one of these recycled creatures using bottle caps, will surely inspire their imagination.



Paper Clip Example

Start by opening up the paper clip all the way straight, then fold it in half. Next, hot glue one bottle cap to the inside of the jar lid, then fit the folded paper clip in to make the beak and the eye brows of the owl. Then glue the other bottle cap in place.

Clip Feet

Next, clip the pull tabs with the metal clippers to make the feet. Hot glue in place.

Spray Paint

Once the glue has set, paint the owl with the spray paint. I chose white, but brown or another color would work as well.

Allow Paint to Dry

Let the paint dry.


Then hot glue the buttons inside the bottle caps for the eyes.


Glue the finished owl to the twig.


Whoooo’s too cute? This Owl!!!

Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins

By General Crafts Contributor Tasya from My House and Home

Happy day friends! I hope you are enjoying the dog days of summer, I know I am! However I can’t help myself when I am out and about and see fall inspired decor at the Dollar Store! My wheels just start turning and there is no stopping me!!

So, when I stumbled upon these pumpkins I grabbed 10 or so and went home to break out my spray paint! I think I am leaning toward a cream, white and mostly natural look this year rather than the traditional color scheme of oranges and browns, so white and cream are my go to colors!

Turn fake pumpkins from the Dollar Store into chic fall decor! Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

I taped the brown stems to keep the natural look.

Tape Off

Then I sprayed them all white.

Spray Paint

After the white paint was dry I lightly sprayed them with a touch of cream.

Remove Tape

White Pumpkins

I won’t be decorating anytime soon, but these cute pumpkins are ready to go when I finally take the plunge into fall decorating!!

Transform Dollar Store Pumpkins for chic fall decor. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

Transform boring pumpkins into chic fall decor. Tutorial at ThinkCrafts.com

What do you think? Are you more traditional when it comes to fall or do you like to break out of the box??

Frosted Glass Luminaries

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the Blog A Geek in Glasses.

DIY Frosted Glass Luminaries from recycled materials. ThinkCrafts.com

Pretty luminaries that light up the night are so cool and create a great atmosphere for summer parties. We saw frosted glass luminaries at a home decor store and my daughter fell in love with them. I looked at the basic shape and it hit me, we can make these at home with soda bottles. They are cheaper than their glass look a likes and if you use the battery operated votive candles, they are safer, no breaking if they get knocked over.


Fairy Lights with the New Therm-O-Web Glitter Dust!

By Kid’s Crafts Contributor Stephanie, from the blog A Geek In Glasses.

Recycled Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

I love spring and summer, but miss the holiday lights. This string of lights brings the twinkle that I love into the warmer weather. Made from recycled egg cartons, this project is easy and a great way to show kids how to reuse and renew. I added some glitter spray to help them sparkle and I think that this new product really make this string of lights pretty. I call these Fairy lights because sparkly flower lights just scream “Fairy”!!!

Glittery Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com

Recycled Fairy Lights at ThinkCrafts.com


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