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FloraCraft Bulletin Boards

By FloraCraft Designers from the Blog “Make It: Fun”.



  1. Trace all the enlarged bug patterns onto the drawing paper. Click here for the Bees and Ladybugs Bulletin Boards pattern.
  2. Cut the patterns from the paper and pin to STYROFOAM, with the straight pins. Use the Styrocutter Plus, following the instructions on the packaging, to cut the templates from the foam. Cut out three bee wings, the side view bee only has one wing. *Note: If using the foam cutter or serrated knife; trace the templates onto the foam with black marker, remove template and cut out shapes.
  3. Use scrap pieces of foam to “sand” the edges smooth.
  4. Position the wings where indicated on the patterns. Cut the edge of the wing that attaches to the body at a slight angle, this creates the illusion of flight, angling the wing away from the wall. *Note: The wings of the ladybug do not need to be cut at an angle.
  5. Trace the body and wing templates onto desired coordinating fabrics and cut out. Place the paper templates from the bee bodies onto the fabric and mark the wing position, cut a ½” wide slit in the fabric where the wing will be attached.
  6. Use the tacky glue to glue the fabric to the tops of the foam shapes, put down a continuous bead of glue around the very outside edge of the foam to ensure the edges of the fabric are held in place.
  7. Glue ribbon to the edge of the bodies and wings; do not glue ribbon to the bees wings where they attach to the body. Cover all sides of the ladybug wings with ribbon.
  8. To attach the bees’ wings; use glue gun to glue toothpicks into the wings, leaving about ¾” sticking out to insert into the body. Use the glue gun to glue the wings to the body; be sure to prop up the wings until they dry completely.
  9. To attach the ladybug wings; use decorative head pins to pin the tips of the wings just behind the head, spread the wings open slightly and push in two more pins to hold in place.
  10. Embellish the bees and ladybug with ribbons, cording, beads or scrapbooking embellishments. Attach to the wall with adhesive backed Velcro.

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