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Kids Crafts: May Flowers

As you know, I enjoy crafting from my backyard patio table, looking out on vibrant spring blossoms. First came the Magnolias, then the Cherry trees, finally the Peony’s and even a few first roses are blooming, inspiring me and the little ones to celebrate May Flowers and encourage discovery through Floral painting, crafting, and science experiments.

To learn new techniques for painting flowers that you find in your own garden and on nature walks, check out My Flower Journal, a blog that celebrates flowers and offers instruction for splatter paint projects you can enjoy with kids of all ages.

Create a Splattered Paint Flower GardenMy Flower Journal

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Paper Rosettes

By General Crafts Contributor Ashley from the Blog Ash and Crafts.

Paper Rosettes Shadowbox

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make paper rosettes that are quick and easy! This doesn’t require any measurements or patterns, so you can just freehand everything. This is great for using up some scraps of leftover paper you have from other projects. You can use these flowers in so many different ways. You can glue them to a clip for your hair, you can make a bunch of them to create a wreath, or you can use them to add a little bit of decoration on another project. Let’s get started!

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Scrapbooking in Spring

May is National Scrapbooking Month and I’m feeling inspired by Spring Colors and patterns, vibrant Spring landscapes, and time with my family, not to mention sales on card stock and supplies! I’m relatively new to scrapbooking, and while the journaling part comes naturally to me, I never know where to begin with page design and layout. Here are some ideas for Spring Layouts and scrappy themed embellishments to inspire your own spring designs.

I love the use of layering of a variety of patterns and textures in this layout and tutorial. The contrast between black and white photos and yellows, pinks, blues and green hues really makes this page stand out.

 Echo Park Layout + TutorialAly Dosdall

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Mother’s Day Cards

What better way to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day than by making unique Mother’s Day Cards for all the special moms in your life? I hope these beautiful cards will inspire you to try making some new cards!

One of my favorite cards we have featured on the Think Crafts Blog is “For you, Mom Card,” made by Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor, Peg Rounds from Peg’s Crafting Corner.

For You, Mom CardThink Crafts

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Spring Glue Gun Crafts!

Spring is here in Portland, which for me means running around the back yard with my bunny, planting flowers and veggies, and of course Spring crafting! I’m very new at gardening and I have no idea if the flowers in my backyard will succeed so I thought I’d make some Floral Crafts to celebrate Spring. I love finding new Glue Gun Craft ideas because I might not have a green thumb but I am mighty skilled with a Glue Gun, and so are you!


Making these Folded Paper Flowers is a great way to welcome Spring. I’m looking forward to trying these in a variety of Printed Card Stock.

Folded Paper Flowers Paper Vine

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Thinking of You… Dahlia Fold Card

By Card Making & Scrapbooking Contributor

Peg Rounds

From Peg’s Crafting Corner

Thinking of You Dahlia Fold Card

Create this special flower card for someone who has been on your mind lately.  These dahlias are easy to make with just a few simple folds and are a very special addition to any themed card.   Someone’s spirits will surely be raised when they open their mailbox and find this happy mail in it.

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