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DIY Mixed Media Ornaments

By Guest Blogger Nicole from kinueko.

Nicole Austin is an artist, instructor and designer living in Tempe, AZ.  She teaches mixed media art to people of all levels and interests at in-person workshops, art retreats and online.  Sharing her love of mixed media art continues to be her passion and she truly believes that everyone has the desire to create and develop their own unique style.

Looking for a unique way to add a POP of color to your holidays this year?  Here is a quick and easy tutorial for making beautiful, bright, DIY  ornaments!

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Watercolor Inspiration

I love watercolor painting because it’s so versatile and so beautiful. You can have fun experimenting, or try to paint a scene. You can blend it, add resist to it, and so many other fun ideas. This is a great way to release some stress. There’s no wrong way to watercolor!

Watercolor and Glitter Painting

Watercolor and Glitter Painting

A little glitter can take a simple watercolor design to the next level. You can use it as an accent, or highlight certain areas of your creation.

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Color Block Mirror Magnets

DIY Mirror Magnets in no time!

Sometimes you just need an easy craft that can be finished in minutes. For me, I almost always turn to making magnets when I need something to do with my hands while just passing time. I decided to grab some of my favorite paint colors and make these colorful and fun magnets to brighten up my fridge!

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Foam Plate Printmaking

By General Crafts Contributor Michelle

Make fun prints from recycled materials!

Here’s a simple printmaking method to create very basic prints–fun and easy enough to do with the kids, or a neat way to add another creative dimension to your scrabooking or other craft projects.

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