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DIY Lawn Games

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The weather is really heating up here in Portland, and after the winter we’ve had, I’m ready to get outside. I love playing backyard games because they’re a great way to spend time with friends and enjoy the outdoors! Here are some of my favorite DIYs.

Oversized Dominoes

My mom loves to play dominoes, so I think she would love a set she could use in her backyard too. These would be great on a beach or camping too!

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Kids’ Crafts: Play Outside

Can you believe summer is already almost over? It’s time to make the most of the nice weather while we can, so get outside and play with these super fun ideas!

Bubble Wand

What kid doesn’t love bubbles? In all honesty, what adult doesn’t love bubbles too? Make a giant bubble wand and some homemade solution for tons of fun making – and popping – huge bubbles of your own.

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Kids’ Crafts: June Bugs

Growing up, my sister loved bugs. I once got swarmed by angry hornets and all she cared about was that one had gotten trapped in the window and she could dissect it. So, if you have some kiddos that are anything like my sister, I have some crafts for you today that don’t involve anything that will buzz, bite, or sting!


Butterfly Footprints

Few things are cuter than baby feet, and baby feet covered in paint and dressed up as a butterfly in one of them. The best thing about making this craft in the summer time? You can send the kids out to play in the sprinkler to wash up!

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Kids’ Crafts: A Burst of Color

Whether you’re experiencing the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having here in Portland or the strangely chilly weather in the NE these bright tie dye crafts are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Traditional tie dye can be kind of messy so I’d recommend a warm day in the backyard for those projects, but the Sharpie tie dye experiments and the tie dye clay can definitely be indoor activities as well. I hope you enjoy these Tie Dye favorites!

Clay is fun and easy to work with for kids and adults. The bright mix of colors is fun to create and use to decorate clay pots and coasters. These would also make great gifts for teachers and grandparents!

Polymer Clay Pot and CoastersBy Brittany Goldwyn

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