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DIY Hand Stitched Basket

By Home Decor Contributor Alyssa

Upcycle an old basket with colorful yarn

I blame my boyfriend’s adorable mother for my new found obsession with bird feeders. This will be my first spring in our new apartment, which is in a very pretty tree-covered area. Apparently, birds live in trees. Who knew. Our last apartment was on the beach and five stories up, so although I had bird feeders, the feeders rarely saw any friends. Sad. Except for the time a HUGE crow decided to land on my super tiny suet feeder and lost balance and flapped around frantically, probably trying to steal the entire thing, and causing my cat to nearly poo himself. It was quite the scene. But now, since we are on the bottom floor and have a balcony above our patio, there’s prime real estate for bird feeder hanging. Many trees, lots of hooks. Enter hundreds of DIY bird feeder ideas that I am dying to try out.

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