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DIY Lamps

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Nice lamps can be so expensive, but they really do make or break your room’s decor for multiple reasons. It’s so important to have the right amount of light, and I feel like they can be a great focal point too. So what do you do when you can’t find the right lamp to fit your style? Make one, of course!

DIY Votive Lamp

Votive Lamp

This is a really versatile craft that can fit with many decor styles. Paint the lamp with geometric shapes, keep it a solid color, or give it a funky pattern, whatever looks good to you! It’s a really easy project, and it looks so nice on an end table.

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Button Crafts

I love button crafts! Maybe it’s because I love hot glue, or maybe it’s because buttons are so easy to work with. I just think buttons are some of the most friendly, pretty, versatile crafts materials to work with. I’ve used buttons to create quirky wreaths, adorn felt ornaments, greeting cards and scrapbook pages.  I’d like to dedicate this post to button crafts I’ve never tried – and I’ve tried a lot. Hopefully there’s something here that will inspire you to get creative and use buttons in ways you haven’t thought of.


This artist created a new look by smashing her old buttons and layering them. I just love the effect. These smashed buttons make unique jewelry, but I think they’d be great for purse making and mixed media projects as well.

Smashin’ButtonsChristine Marie Davis

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